Kyle's B&B Collector Series Prints

These high-quality, 8" x 10" full-color, glossy, 16 pt. card-stock prints feature some of your favorite
Kyle's B&B characters in breathtakingly beautiful poses. And at the amazingly affordable price of
$12.00 each, how can you go wrong? Makes a perfect gift, too, for that hard to shop for person.
(You can choose whether you want your print to be autographed by Greg Fox, 
personalized, or unsigned in the "Signature Preference" no additional charge!).

(Also, please note, the "Greg Fox © 2015" text that's emblazoned across these website prints is NOT
on the actual prints. It's just here to prevent folks from copying & distributing illegally). And please
scroll to the bottom of this page for more info and FAQS about the prints! (Which includes answers
to any questions you might have about "personalizations!).

Print # 1 - Drew Summer Swimsuit  -  8" x 10 "  Print

Has Drew EVER looked so fetching as he
does in this swimsuit print? Surely this is
one image you'll want  to hang on your
wall to enjoy for years to come!
Take him home with you for only $12.00

Signature Preference
Signed "To...." (enter name)

Print # 2 - Lance Powers Shower  -  8" x 10 "  Print

Good thing he's in the shower here, because
Lance is steaming up the neighborhood in
this delightful shower print that features the
Lance Powers we know & love so well.
Powerful, devastatingly handsome, and with 
that all-knowing smirk on his face!
Take him home with you for only $12.00

Signature Preference
Signed "To...." (enter name)

Print # 3 - Brad Batting Briefs   -  8" x 10 "  Print

It's a shot like this that makes you
believe Brad was born to swing a baseball
bat, (some might say it also proves
he was born to wear tight white briefs!). 

 Take him home with you for only 

Signature Preference
Signed "To...." (enter name)

Print # 4 - Breyer's Canadian Pride   -  8" x 10 "  Print

Breyer Watkins, Kyle's boyfriend & proud
Canadian! You'll often find him around the
B&B helping out Kyle by chopping wood
or trimming the trees. A die-hard fan of the
Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team and
the band Rush, he's always up for any
general cold weather activities, (he's been 
known to play hockey in sub-zero temps 
in the bike shorts he's wearing in this 
picture!). But, apparently, he's also quite
skilled in keeping Kyle warm at night!

Take him home with you for only 

Signature Preference
Signed "To...." (enter name)

(Please note.... all prints are shipped by US Priority Mail, to ensure that they reach you quickly and in
pristine condition. When ordering, the Priority Mail $7.75 fee is good for up to 12 prints.
You only need to pay the shipping fee once. That will cover your shipping for ALL prints from that
order, Unless, of course, you're ordering MORE than 12 prints). And if you're ordering from
outside the USA, please e-mail me for details at:

FAQS, (Frequently Asked Questions), About the Kyle's B&B Collector Series Prints

What type of paper are the prints printed on? And what does "16 pt." mean?

The prints are printed on high-quality 16 Point Gloss Coated Card Stock with UV coating for extra glossiness and protection. 16 point refers to the thickness of the paper. If you think of an average, high quality trade paperback book, they generally have a cover that is 10 point card stock. 16 point is that much thicker, and more durable. Because of the really nice glossy surface of the print, if you choose to have your print autographed, the signature will appear on the BACK of the print, which doesn't have that UV-coated glossy surface, (more on autographs/signatures in the next FAQ, directly below). 

I don't understand the whole thing about "Signature Preference" and "Personalization". What does that all mean?

Very simply, you have 3 options when you buy a Kyle's B&B Collector Series Print. You can have it:

  1. Signed by Greg Fox
  2. Signed by Greg Fox with Personalization, (which means, you can have it signed "To" someone, either to you or to any other name you choose to have it signed to. 
  3. Unsigned, (no signature at all). 
When you are purchasing your print, you will see a drop down menu to choose one of those 3 options. If you choose the option to have it signed by Greg Fox with personalization, then you need to fill in the box that says  Signed "To...." (enter name) . You put the name of the person you would like to have the print signed to in that box. Make sure to put the name in as you want it to appear on the print. If you just want your first name, (or someone else's first name), then only put your first name in that box! If you include your last name, too, then your first and last name will appear on the print. It's totally up to you. And if you just want Greg Fox's signature, or no signature at all, just leave that box blank. PLEASE NOTE: All prints are autographed on the BACK of the print. The front surface of the prints are UV coated with the extra glossy surface which, although it can be written on with permanent ink, a signature on that glossy surface still has a tendency to smudge when handled excessively. I decided it was safer to autograph the back, which does not have the UV glossy coating. (Also, I think the print looks better without my signature all over it on the front!). 

Can I choose to have the prints shipped to me other than by Priority Mail?

At the present time, Priority Mail is the only option for shipping orders within the USA. While it would be a little less expensive to offer a first class mail option, it's important to me that I can track and have delivery confirmation of your order. Also, with Priority Mail, you have the best assurance that your prints will arrive quickly and in pristine condition. Finally, that one Priority Mail fee is good for up to 12 prints!

Why is the International Shipping so expensive? Isn't there a cheaper way to have these prints shipped outside the USA? 

There is a cheaper way, but not much, and it would take a lot longer to reach you. My most important concern is that your prints reach you reliably and in pristine condition. International Priority is the least expensive way to do that. And while I do advise it could take up to 2 to 3 weeks to reach you, in many cases it takes as little as 6 to 10 days, depending on which country you are in. Also, the shipping fee will cover up to 4 lbs of prints, so if even if you're ordering a large order, the shipping fee will remain the same. 

Do I need to have my print framed?

You definitely don't need to, but it does look nice, especially if you want to hang your print. But it's not necessary. An alternative is to simply matte your print without a frame and display it like that. Or the print can simply be displayed on its own, without any matte or frame. An alternative route for some people is not to hang or display the prints at all, but instead to buy a nice decorative folder, binder, or folio to keep their prints in and look at them that way. It's all up to you! (For more information about matting, framing, and buying frames, I offer some tips about that on the webpage you're taken to after you purchase a print). But, again, you don't need to frame or matte your print to enjoy it just how it is!

When are you going to do a Collectors Series Print of Kyle/Richard/Eduardo/Nick/Dave/Price/Kristian/Rudy/Jake, etc, etc, etc?

Believe me, I have plans to do prints of all of those guys and more, (and Delia, too!). It may take some time to build up a larger library of available prints, but I really hope to have the collection continue to grow so that someday you'll be able to take home every single one of the B&B guys! 


Unknown said...

Although I have purchased only one (1) photo from Greg I can certainly attest to the quality you will receive. I have collected his four (4) "Kyle's B&B" books. Again I can only rave about the quality of the product as well as to the quality of the entire purchasing process from placing the order to receiving it at my front door. Greg is the epitome of "QUALITY". I cannot sing his praises high or loud enough. >David.

Anonymous said...

David is right! The books (all 4 of them) and prints are very high quality. Kyle provides "clean" masters and his printers are awesome. I really wish I'd known about them when I was editing and publishing. Nothing but heavy, high quality cardstock and papers are used. Their presses must be kept spotless. I have yet to find a glitch, void or overprint in any of the books. Good content, well printed the only thing wrong is if you don't have a full set of the books and prints! ^STEVE