And now there are THREE! (Plus, a special FOURTH book of figure drawings!).  Follow 
the adventures of the B&B boys from the very beginning in the first Kyle's B&B book.
Their adventures continue in Book 2 of the series, "A Second Bowl of Serial"
And then, the story continues further in Book 3 of the series, "Hot Off the Griddle", 
(at which point the strip goes to FULL COLOR episodes!). 
All 3 are available at, (links are below, next to each book), as well as your local
bookstore, (if your bookstore doesn't have 'em in stock, just ask the bookstore to order them for 
you!).  And just to clarify, the first two books are in black & white, and the third book 
is where the strip goes full color. (However, there's also a special black & white edition of 
book 3, also available at Amazon, for those of you who love their B&B in B&W!).

Additionally, there is also a book of figure drawings of one of Kyle's B&B's most
popular characters, Drew Danvers. This book includes 50 high-quality pencil drawings
of Drew done in a classical style, (featuring full-frontal nudity... this book is for 21 and
over only).

If you'd like an AUTOGRAPHED copy of any of the 3 Kyle's B&B Collection books,
Book Revue bookstore here on Long Island has some, and can send them anywhere in
the world! Just telephone 'em at 631-271-1442, and ask for Steve!!!  (If Steve's not there,
find out when he'll be back and call him back then. He's really the one who knows the
details on how to send out the signed copies properly).

Special note: If you're ordering the books on Amazon, you may come across an old, out-of-print edition of the first book, published by Kensington Books. Don't order that! It's now ridiculously expensive due to its out-of-print status, and, more importantly, the new edition, published by Sugar Maple Press, is much higher quality.... larger episodes, crisper print quality, and ALL the stuff that was in the first book. Just better! (And a lot cheaper!). The links below will take you to the Sugar Maple Press edition.

And here's the link for the black & white edition of book 3: