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Anonymous said...

Just want to thank you for the joy and entertainment you've brought to my life. I love Kyle's Bed and Breakfast! Hope you have wonderful holidays this year and a bright and prosperous New Year in 2013.

Unknown said...

It's been years since a sent you a Merry Christmas but here I'm :o) Really appreciate all the hard work you do for our community my friend. Keep your hard work and God might brings all the joy you gave us X 100.

Néstor Arturo

Anonymous said...

OK, Kyle B&B fans I have talked to three stations already to start a live version of Kyle's B&B series. I think that we need to create a campaign to get more involved with showing our interest in this as TV series. Who can help with ideas on starting this campaign? Thanks, Frank

Peter said...

Over the past several years your guys have become a second family for me!

Keep up he good work, the great drawing and story lines, and (of course) the hunky B&B tenants...

Best wishes from Peter in Maine.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Lance that I've heard other people use "ironical" — and one of them was a published author and a professor of English Literature.

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