And now there are FIVE! (Plus, a special SIXTH book... of figure drawings!).  
All 5 books are available at, (links are below, next to each book).
You could also get them at your local bookstore, (if your bookstore doesn't have
'em in stock, just ask the bookstore to order them for you!).  And just to clarify,
the first two books are in black & white, and the 3rd, 4th and 5th book are in
full color. (However, there's also a special black & white edition of book 3, also
available at Amazon, for those of you who love their B&B in B&W!).
         Greg Fox also has authored several non-Kyle's B&B, non-comics books.
One about figure skating, one about angels in classical art, one about the male nude
figure in classical art, and even one about poetry! Below are links to each of the books
on Amazon, first the Kyle's B&B books, and then the others. (And if you're interested
in getting autographed copies, please visit my Etsy Shop to order those by clicking here) :

Additionally, there is also a book of figure drawings of one of Kyle's B&B's most
popular characters, Drew Danvers. This book includes 50 high-quality pencil drawings
of Drew done in a classical style, (featuring full-frontal nudity... this book is for 21 and
over only).

As mentioned, there are also several non-Kyle's B&B books authored by Greg Fox.
One about figure skating, one about the male nude figure in classical art, one about angels
in classical art,  and even one about poetry! Below are links to each of their listings on
Amazon; please click on any of them to read full descriptions!



If you'd like an AUTOGRAPHED copy of any of the Kyle's B&B Collection books,
they are available at my Etsy Shop, which you can access by clicking here.  
Autographed copies of the other, non-Kyle's B&B books can be ordered directly from me.
Just e-mail me at the following address for details:

Special note: If you're ordering the books on Amazon, you may come across an old, out-of-print edition of the first book, published by Kensington Books. Don't order that! It's now ridiculously expensive due to its out-of-print status, and, more importantly, the new edition, published by Sugar Maple Press, is much higher quality.... larger episodes, crisper print quality, and ALL the stuff that was in the first book. Just better! (And a lot cheaper!). The link on this page will take you to the Sugar Maple Press edition.

And, in case you prefer the classic black & white look to the current color versions of the Kyle's B&B episodes, here's the link for the black & white edition of book 3, (and no, there are not any plans at this time for b&w editions of book 4 or 5 or any future volumes of the strip).