Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Half-Jewish Network weighs in on Breyer, (and it's good!)

I was delighted to receive several e-mails from the Half-Jewish Network, commending me on the recent episode of Kyle's B&B that continues the story of Breyer's exploration of his Jewish & Irish-Catholic heritage. I wasn't aware of the group before this, but after looking at their website, (, it was quite educational to learn about the range of issues that children of Jewish interfaith marriage, (marriages where one of the parents is Jewish and one isn't), face. In particular, the "Who Is A Jew?" page at their website shows the variety of factors involved.

I've received a lot of very warm e-mails from readers over the past year or so who are children of Jewish interfaith marriages, who are really grateful to see this aspect of their lives explored in the comic strip. Well, it's an honor for me to do so, and I'm quite flattered that the Half-Jewish Network feels that I've captured this issue with accuracy. And I hope you'll visit their website if you get a chance!


bobby said...

Breyer: 50% Jewish, 50% Christian,
100% hairy-chested hunk!

Robin Margolis said...

Dear Greg:

Thank you so much for your mention of the Half-Jewish Network!

I look forward to alerting the members of the Half-Jewish Network to Breyer's ongoing adventures.

It is very difficult for adult children and grandchildren of intermarriage to find positive role models in the media.

It is refreshing to see Breyer, who is not only cute, but is portrayed realistically, as an intelligent person with continuing identity questions.

I believe Breyer will be warmly welcomed by both the GLBT and the straight members of the Half-Jewish Network.

Very cordially,
Robin Margolis
Half-Jewish Network

Bluesky said...

This was perhaps the best thing I have read in weeks, for shear nerve and lol!
Thanks and hugs!

Andrew said...

I love Breyer... despite his violent and chaotic past, he tries his best to live a loving and normal life everyday... he is beautiful both inside and out!!!

Move over Kyle, i'll have Breyer, by hook or by crook!!! (joke!!!)

-- Andrew from the Philippines, avid reader since Issue Number 74

P.S. Mr. Fox, any chance that Kyle's BnB will become a movie?