Friday, November 16, 2007

Autumn in Northport

The Fall foliage is just about hitting its peak here on Long Island this week. I took these shots this morning, walking around my hometown of Northport. (Clicking on them will make 'em a bit larger, for your undiluted viewing pleasure!). Notice in the second pic, the gorgeous hills across the harbor, often seen in the backgrounds, through the windows, at Kyle's B&B.

It's unusual for the leaves to hit their peak this late in the season. Normally, the foliage reaches its peak color around here during Halloween week. Yet, here we are, over 2 weeks later, and things are just getting into the vibrant color that marks Autumn's height. I don't know what you believe about global warming, but... clearly, we're having a remarkably warmer Fall season this year. However, things chilled down quite a bit last night, and today has been a crisp, cool, classic Fall day with strong winds rumbling through the trees. Time to break out the heavy quilts!

You probably know that I often extoll the virtues of Vermont, and how I love traveling up there, etc. But Long Island has a beauty all of its own, with plenty of glowing maples & New England charm. Especially the town of Northport, nestled up here on the north shore, with its harbor, clanging fishing boats, winding, hilly streets, and breathtaking sunsets . Sometimes I marvel at the sheer loveliness of living here. Certainly, it's what inspired me to set Kyle's B&B in this town.


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those pictures are really pretty

buff said...

Fantastic photos, Greg. Autumn on Long Island is indeed spectacular. Thanks for sharing.

And on that note, I want to wish you the best of birthdays, stud.

Being this close to Thanksgiving, I want to express my appreciation for all you do in giving gay men something every two weeks to smile about. Without you, Greg, Kyle and the gang wouldn't exist, and what a loss that would be for gay men everywhere.

Have a fantastic birthday, Greg. Mega hairy muscle Birthday hugs.