Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Episode # 219 - December 4th, 2007

Hey, we're sorry.... this episode is no longer posted online. But you can see it in the third Kyle's B&B
book collection "Kyle's Bed & Breakfast: Hot Off the Griddle".   (This is the first Kyle's B&B book
to feature FULL COLOR episodes!). By the way, if you prefer Kyle's B&B in black & white,
there is also a special black & white edition available of the third book, too!

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Additionally, if you want to see the strip from the very beginning, you can order the first two book collections,
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Greg Fox said...

By the way, to head off any angry comments I may get in regards to Jeff's use of "y'all" in this episode, I want to let you know up front that...yes, I know that southerners only use "y'all" when referring to a group, not a singular person. In this case, Jeff is referring to "all of you northerners" having such cold winters, (a group), not Eduardo individually. Just thought I'd clear that up in advance!

Wendell E said...

As a lifelong Southerner, I can assure y'all that Jeff's use of "ya'll" is perfectly correct.

I don't hate the color version, but I'm glad you offer the B&W for us Luddites.

Great episode! Things have come a long way since the early '80s, but still HIV's defintely a big deal and it's important not to ever forget that.

Anonymous said...

Bringing back the hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, Jeff Olson is FAB-U-LOUS - enuff said...Luv the men who show those tufts of hair and speak those words that Greg truly needs to say...Luv you Greg!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the color treatment.

Digesting the episode this week. It's kewl to see a different side of a character. We can appreciate the serious emotional turn.

Phil & Mike Boila-Elam,
Justus Boyz

Anonymous said...

I am SO SO glad to see this episode. There was a huge discussion on another message board regarding the blasé attitude people have about HIV nowadays. The younger generation, especially, thinks that the new meds are cure all and barebacking is up as well as new HIV infections. Just because people seem healthy, like that guy in the latest Project Runway, does not mean that all is "cool."


Mattie said...

I'm 20 and I'm well aware of the dangers of AIDS/HIV and the rising levels of STDs within our community. I'm kind of tired of older people saying all this negative stuff about younger gay people. I think Jeff's reaction was way over the top. His aggression didn't lead to a discussion, it lead to a lecture. Overall I enjoy the comic strip, this episode was not my fav.

Anonymous said...

Hey Greg: I've been a fan of the B&B for a couple of years now. I really like the color in some of the newer strips.

Happy Holidays.

Z-Maker said...

LOVE this episode, Greg...great that you've brought up an issue that sometimes seems so "light-hearted" these days. HIV/AIDS is still a very BIG DEAL.
Bravo to you, my friend.

As for the switch to color?