Friday, February 01, 2008

Readers' Forum Friday

Naming the Husky!

Wow, I had no idea how many dog lovers, (or dog name lovers), there are who read the comic strip! I've been inundated with e-mails this past week with name suggestions for the new Siberian Husky. Which is so sweet... the snow dog seems to have captured a lot of folks' hearts!

I actually already had several names picked out, and even had some of my friends vote on which ones they liked. (And of course, my friends then passed along to me their own name suggestions! More to consider!). So, I'm going to share some with you now, a mixed bag of name suggestions that were e-mailed to me by readers, that were posted on the blog comments board, and that my friends here on Long Island suggested. Some highly imaginative, some a bit unexpected, some downright bizarre... but all greatly appreciated! (If you did send me one, and I happened to leave yours out here, I apologize... I've been trying to keep track of all these names, but I may have not saved all of the e-mails sent).

  • "Kudo" from Ken
  • "Minnesota" from Dave
  • "Wolfgang" from Allan
  • "Snowcone" from both Melissa and Eric
  • "Sergei", also from Eric
  • "Fjord" from Kevin
  • "Bear" from Leihzel
  • "Tangerine" from Gerry (this one I don't quite get!)
  • "Lobo" from Charlie
  • "Neo" from Ben
  • "Nikita" from ?
  • "Polar" from Tom
  • "Gilgamesh" from Erin
  • "Snowflake" from Griffin
  • "Ice Cube", also from Griffin
  • "Tundra", also from Griffin
  • "Romeo" from Andy
  • "Valentino", also from Andy
  • "Blanket", also, jokingly, from Andy, (I think I'll let Michael Jackson keep that one, Andy!)
  • "Elio" from ?
  • "Nitro" from Glenn
  • "Blizzard" from Pete
  • "Avalanche" from Michael
  • "Teemu" from Anne, (this is Norwegian... what it means, though, I'm not sure)
  • "Snowball" from George
  • "Nevada" from Steven
  • "Jinx" from Louis
  • "Gleek" from Isaac (perhaps if he was a Siberian Husky from another planet!)
  • "Jordan" from Jordan (OK, that's one way of getting yourself into the comic strip!)
  • "Pepper" from NH
  • "Leif" from Shelly
  • "Whitman" from Peter (I considered this myself, as a tribute to the poet whose hometown I happen to live in. Lots of things around here are named after Whitman. Walt Whitman High School, the Walt Whitman Mall, Walt Whitman Road, etc etc)
  • "Bosley" from ?
  • "Morgan Fairchild" from Tommy, (maybe if he were a drag queen Siberian Husky")
  • "Dakota" from Jonelle
And, in a rather bizarre series of suggestions, the following three:
  • "Pizza" from Jimmy
  • "Lasagne" from ? (UPDATE: This one was also sent by Teresa, from below. Thanks for pointing that out to me, Teresa. Kinda hard keeping track of all these names!)
  • "Manicotti" from Teresa
I'm not sure where the Italian food connection is coming from, but being partially Italian myself, (25%!), I can appreciate it!

Well, that is all for now. If you happen to have a name suggestion of your own, feel free to post it on the comments board, or e-mail it to me at

And thank you to everyone for all of your kind words and comments... it's always a pleasure to hear from you. Have a great weekend!


angelo56 said...

Why not "Loopy"?
or "White wang"?

Anonymous said...

I think this Husky epitomizes this name:

Nanook - Inuit Eskimo for cute, kind

From Timbo in Arizona, a.k.a. Canyonman

Sean said...

Damn, this is what I get for not checking in here for a while. I missed getting my pick for a name added to the list! Well here's mine anyway:


Not only is it appropriate, it is also a nod to the Legion of Superheroes character, that Greg is a big fan of.

I would've chosen Lobo, too, but looks like someone else on the list already chose that.

Sean S.

MN Dave said...

Since Breyer is picking the name, maybe he'll pick "Ice Cream"

(Breyer's Ice Cream, get it?)

Nelson said...

My first was "Rusty." I hope he's still someone's lover.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I first thought the naming suggestion was in the previous post: sort of following Richard's vein, "Snowballing" sounds both polar and gay.


Phatchick96 said...

Anonymous said...
"I think this Husky epitomizes this name:
Nanook - Inuit Eskimo for cute"

That one works for me too. And since I'm a longtime Zappa fan...

Anonymous said...

No Hockey players? How about Winger?

Anonymous said...

I'm Thinking "Harvey".

within both a political and a cultural context. (Milk and Fierstein)

Anonymous said...

Kodi or Boomer