Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Episode # 275 - February 9th, 2010

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Anonymous said...

yep so far my predictions are right ... as always.

Otter said...

If we are going to read about a parent and cancer, why not a male and prostate cancer? This bit with Breyer's mother is annoying.

Michelle said...

I can sort of see where Gloria is coming from. Even with insurance, the idea of ending up in a hospital bed weighing 85 pounds would frighten me.

Anonymous said...

Ending up in a hospital bed weighing 85 pounds is very unlikely with breast cancer today; especally if it is caught early and treated. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt - literally. Lumpectomy x3 to get it all, chemo, and radiation. It's not walk in the park, but it's something that can be handled. There are great treatment options through community hospitals with sliding scale payment. Gloria needs to be a big girls and see a doctor. If it turns out to be and uglier form of cancer we knuckle down and fight harder.

diana green said...

Must disagree with Otter. Sure, she's an annoying character, but not everyone in our lives is pleasant. I find the reality refreshing. And the story touches on the significant issue of health care.

Peter said...

@Otter, it may be a Gay B&B but that doesn't mean there are only males involved.

Anonymous said...

i know if i was her id do what breyer says and go to a doctor.
i love life to much to just give up and say im ready to die unless im out of options and even then id still keep fighting.

Anonymous said...

She is the typical passive aggressive. If she didn't want anything done she 1. wopuldn't show up at his door, 2. would not mention anything about it.

Wasn't it established that Breyer is haf Jewish? Are we playing on the stereotypicsl Jewish mother laying on the guilt trip so he would spend his money on her treatment?

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does Gloria look a lot like Cher? Just sayin'

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Greg Fox said...

Thanks for the translation, Georgi, but I thought it best to delete that entry.

Georgi said...

Greg, you can delete mine too!

Griffin said...

Hell, if that's Cher, this is her best role in years!

all or nothing book said...

The hell with this!!!