Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Episode #288 - August 10th, 2010

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Sean said...

Raven-haired men with bodies like that and no pants on tend to make me salivate. Hot summer at the B&B, indeed!

Anonymous said...

OHHHHH now this is more like it- now tell me, have you ever seen a hotter pair of legs!!!

(too badd the shirt was too long!)

But a very good episode- the morning after and first impressions are always interesting!

Would have liked to see higher- but that's just me.

Awesome episode- keep up the great work

Mr Wogtastic

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OK, Price is really hot. He has a fantastic pair of thighs. I can only imagine what his chest looks like -- drool. Raise that T-shirt a bit so we can see what else he has. I wonder where this storyline is going.

Michelle said...

Does this mean Richard's finally going to have a real boyfriend?

Anonymous44 said...

Good banter... can someone please translate 446's comment?

Anonymous said...

In response to Anonymous44- the comment is in Chinese and it translates to (according to Google Translator):

Life is like riding a bicycle the same, unless you stop pedaling, it would not fall.

Its very poetic and very chinese.

Yours Mr Wogtastic

Nicholas said...

Someone should tell Lance his long-lost twin brother has arrived. Will Richard EVER learn?