Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Episode # 311 - July 12th, 2011

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Anonymous said...

Groan , and again if it's breathing and male Richard is again on the make , lather rinse repeat. Mr Fox please stop with the repetitive crap with Richard, you should've at least had him out of the B&B for a time instead it's right back to the same boring crap with a new person to the B&B and Richard hoping he can score with him. Not to mention another awful characterization of a foreigner like Bjorn with a stereotypical American visualization of what they think a certain nationality should talk like .This time a Jamaican with the dat and dis and de. Groan again. I keep reading but maybe Mr Fox is caught in a rut where he cant come up with anything new concerning visitors to the B&B and Richards boring sexual I'll fuck anything that's male and breathing storylines.

Mark said...

Not sure it's the best idea to introduce yet another new cast member when there are roughly a zillion plot points left unresolved from the last storyline. I suspect we're never going to see Breyer's reaction to Richard's return, or the reactions of everyone else to the fact that Price is staying, outside of a tossed off "I can't believe Kyle let you stay" here or there. Seems sloppy.

Peter said...

Guys, it's just like real life, a lot of things happen, not everything gets resolved, and even a cartoon artist needs new fodder to keep going.

Have you ever wondered how large the A-frame B&B is, how many rooms are let...

Luca said...

First of all, I like when new things are introduced before the previous ones are completely resolved. I actually think that in the last period the pace of the comic was even too linear!

Second, I like this new character! I have a good feeling about this... go Greg! :)
(and besides, it's not unheard-of that the one who seems to be more interested in the new guy is not the person that will have a romance with him - this time I bet on Lance and a storyline oriented to the clash of lifestyles between the two!)

Mark said...

This strip is not real life, nor is it intended to be; it's a soap opera. As such, it's not unreasonable to expect storylines to wrap up in a tidy manner. I have no problem with concurrent storylines (i liked how Richard and Price's arcs dovetailed, even if I thought the ending was lame). However, this doesn't feel like a new character being introduced in the middle of an ongoing storyline; this feels like the start of a completely new storyline. I don't believe Greg intends to spend any significant time on the fallout from the Richard/Price story, which does the characters (and the readers) a disservice. Hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Richard iz really funny!
but this new guy is seriously hot
i want to see him with Brad Steele
that would make my year!

Anonymous said...

Did Kyle have a new haircut or did I just finally notice?


Luca said...

...and you should know that in soap-operas the storylines are never completely separated but one usually starts after the previous is "in course of resolution but not finished yet".

Besides, it's not the first time Kyle's B&B uses this procedure, especially in the past.

Cory said...

Dial it back,Richard......DAMN!!
why does he always come off so needed and desperate?

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how livid I am right now after seeing your comic. Why do people always have to present Jamaicans as some sort of exotic stereotype with a bizarre speech pattern that even Yoda would be hard pressed to understand?

Do you really think that Jamaicans can't speak English? That we all say dis, dat, dem and dese? Do all Americans use the Southern Accent? Do black people in America only speak in Ebonics?

Have you actually spoken to any Jamaicans or did you just base this new character off some guy from How Stella Got Her Groove Back?

We are not all dredlocked, we don't all have a heavy Patois accent and I'm not even going to start on his blue eyes and that Afro-centric t-shirt.

Thanks for continuing the trend in gay media to portray black people as only relatable if presented as a sterotype or somehow exotic.

Michelle said...

Cool shirt!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, talk about dem stereotypes! Mon, is he supposed to be a white guy witha ta, or him to be a JAH-makin!

How come all good looking guys, dem gotta have da perfect nose? YOU couldn't show that someone with non anglo saxon features could be attractive?

You sir, come across as a racist in this. Maybe you aren't but you sure do come across as it.

Luca said...

@anonymous, you should be careful before telling someone that is racist.
If you knew the strip, you would know that Greg always writes accents for the foreign characters (we had an Italian guy, a French one, a Norwegian one, etc. -and I can tell you they were all white, if this is what bothers you).
They speak american english with an accent. Because this is a strip and not an animated movie, the only way to render the accent is to write it, hence the "de", "dese", etc.

You should aim your anger towards other targets.

Peter said...

Well said, Luca!

Anonymous said...

Luca@ you would do to learn to ACTUALLY read. I said it makes me come across as racist, not that he actually is a racist.

The fact is, Greg is ignorant of what he is trying to write. It's clear he does little research.

All his guys have basically the same body, because that's all he can draw. All his faces are nearly the same. The hottest guys always have the same face structure. I mean take the hair away, and this new guy looks just like Price.

Oh, and hurray for taking some photos, and running them through some filters for backgrounds, because you decided it was easier then drawing. Sheesh.

Also, I'm sorry you are can't handle someone speaking their mind. And before you go the whole I'm a coward for being anonymous, my name is Ty.

There, does that make any difference?

Greg should be embarrassed for the level of bad comics he puts out.

madeinhawaii said...

gosh, seems like there's some haters in here, so what if ya don't like the creative side of using odd spellings to demarcation of accent.
secondly we all have body types that we like. you didn't see much diversity in tom of finland other than skin color. http://www.tomsparties.com/Galleries/ToF/index.html

i find that most draw medium artists stylize it's their style. i found joe phillips to be more diverse but he has a background in large scale comic companies and needed help when switching from hand drawn to computer aided.

it's like comparing comics to fine art. it seems the comments attact greg's style not his ability to tell a story.

i think greg does well telling a story introducing more characters that oft wither out, but the re-occurring characters are well developed. i don't know if i particularly like greg's handling of accent but i applaud his effort.

Greg Fox said...

Wow. This is what happens when I go away to Vermont for a long weekend? My goodness… such anger here. Where to begin?

First of all, I don’t normally comment here, because I believe this is the readers’ forum, where your voices can be heard, not mine. I already do that on Facebook, on the website, and most importantly, in the comic strip itself. However, I am going to respond this time… and not because of the hateful “anonymous” comments posted here, but out of gratitude to Luca, Peter, Madeinhawaii, and others for your supportive comments.

I find it laughable when someone accuses me of “not doing research”. Really? You actually think I would attempt to mount a storyline addressing the homophobic violence in Jamaica without researching it? Oh, but then, you didn’t realize that that’s what this storyline is actually about, because you rushed to condemn it after only seeing the first chapter of an extended storyline. Oops!

And to the bizarre, and vaguely insulting comments about Kristian’s appearance, ethnicity, eye-color, etc…. as you’ll find out if you had waited a few episodes, he is biracial….his father is white, his mother black. I thought that was somewhat apparent by his lighter skin color, his features, and the honey-colored hait. (And Kristian has green eyes, not blue).

Oh, and the accents! It’s amazing…. some people would like everyone in my comics to speak in perfect English, as if it’s a 1940s Katharine Hepburn movie. I’m sorry, I don’t live in that world, and I don’t think I’d want to. I enjoy portraying a cast of characters from a wide range of backgrounds. There is no “sound” in comics, so the only way to differentiate dialects sometimes is by phonetically spelling out variations of words. Do all Americans speak in a southern accent? No, of course, not, but hundreds of thousands, possibly millions do. Do all Jamaicans speak in the Jamaican patois? No, of course not. But many do. Where I live, in New York, there is a sizable Jamaican immigrant population. I’ve known a number of Jamaican people over the years. There’s also a Jamaican talk-radio station here in New York. I’m not pulling this accent out of thin air, or out of some movie I’ve seen.

To “Ty”, or whatever your name is….I’m going to agree with one of the criticisms, (to a certain degree). The backgrounds of the health food store in this episode WERE an experiment. Occasionally I like to push the boundaries, and try something new. Sorry if you didn’t like it. I wasn’t entirely happy with the result, myself, and I doubt I’m going to go there again. But to jump from that into a critique of my entire artistic output is just silly. All of my characters don’t have the same body-types, nor the same faces. Really. Grow up.

Finally, I’m a little annoyed about responding to some of these “anonymous” comments. It’s obvious that one or two of these commenters are intentionally trying to ignite controversy with twisted logic, and frankly, I’m not interested in playing that game. Everyone is welcome to comment here, and that includes people with criticisms. But I am welcome to delete any comments that I think are just intentionally hateful and spiteful. And I will. As Luca said, maybe you should be directing your energies elsewhere.

In closing, I’d like to say that I am enormously grateful for all of the encouraging comments and e-mail I have received. I really, really appreciate it.

Amstelredam said...

Greg: don't let anyone put you down: i LOVE your work and check your blog every two weeks to make sure I'm not missing anything!

Keep up the good work: it brings a smile to my face and I'm always very happy when I see that you've updated the blog! :)

Thank you!!

Peter said...

Is it possible to stop Anonymous comments in Blogger?

I hate these hate comments from people who hide behind Anon..

Just be a man/woman and show your real face!

gymnofrater said...

i wrotte a bunch but then deleted it! but thank you for the new character. could we please let richard find someone who loves him for him? and i like the backgrounds. they seem softer and less over-drawn. i think they make the characters stand out better. but thaks for all you do. it's a lot of work and i appreciate the show (when's the next book coming out, hint, hint?).

Kwame said...

Hey Mr. Anon:

You're an idiot. If you have not noticed this is a COMIC, which means the characters that Greg draws are just that. Have you looked at Japanese Anime? If you are complaining about Greg's comic I am sure you have also complained to the thousands of production companies and Anime comics about how women are drawn. No of course guys don't look all like this in real life, and women do not all look like Jessica Rabbit either. If you don't like his comic-DON'T READ. Or is that too simple for you?

By the way, Jamaicans that are U.S. born and bred or who have lived here for some time do not have a heavy accent-my mother in law is an example, however Jamaicans do have a wonderful, beautiful accent and I am also thrilled as a nonseq that part of my own family generations back are from Jamaica.

So he has blue eyes, so what? I did up until the time I was 6. It's a comic-sheesh, there is way more important stuff in this life to get riled and protest-do something useful for a change.

Nuff said.