Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Episode # 360- May 28th, 2013

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Aaron Wood said...
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Aaron said...

Go Eduardo! And Richard! Nice to see Eduardo back again, and looking hotter than ever. And Richard's purple hair! Is this comedian guy a closet case or no?

Kevin said...

I'd be very interested to see what Rudy has to say about this guy! Having come from a different era and seen all the progress made, he might have a unique perspective from some of the other guys. And he might teach this guy a thing or two!

I'm also wondering how Brad will react, if he'll feel safe being in the closet with a straight guy who's been so disrespectful and is on TV who could out him once he leaves the house! Lots of interesting story potential there!

Anonymous said...

Billy is head over heels in love with Eduardo. And they would be adorable together.

Mark said...

I certainly hope Billy doesn't turn out to be closeted. I am so sick of the stereotype of the closeted homophobe: it sends a terrible message that only self-loathing gay people hate gay people. The world is full of straight people who hate gays, and they should be called out for their bigotry, not told that the only reason they hate gay people is because they're gay themselves.

Psychodahlia said...

I agree with Mark. That stereotype is a dead horse that's been beaten into glue. What I'd like to see is someone from the B&B taking pity on this fool and explaining (in as non-preachy a way as possible) why his routine was hurtful.

A big issue is that the audience (us) didn't see the routine, so we don't know how ugly it was. All we're seeing is the main cast not explaining to this idiot why they're hurt.

Richard's hair gets more and more amazing with every storyline.