Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Episode # 363 - July 9th, 2013

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Anonymous said...

thank you for this storyline.
those kids abandoned by their parents represent a tragic part of our community, that I feel we neglect. hope some awareness can be heightened on this subject.

Sean said...

Poor Billy, I think he is sincerely sorry. But Eduardo isn't having it!

Anonymous said...

Eduardo has every right to be giving the bigot grief. He shouldn't get to go back to SNL and have all forgiven, just because he spent a few weeks at a gay b&b. He needs to do something to pay back. Maybe donate some of his millions to a gay charity.

Leni said...

Such a necessary conversation. Wish it was being read by the mainstream who close their ears. I would actually like there to be more of this type of conversation because one example, once is never enough. More detail perhaps as to how others do not make it. No way is Billy any closer to real understanding.

Psychodahlia said...

This is a good strip. Billy sounds like he seriously does not understand why his jokes hurt. Putting a face and a real life story to the routine might be the kick in the balls he needs to understand that the jokes aren't funny. As the other reviewer pointed out, he doesn't seem like a BAD person, just ignorant. That's really refreshing and better, I think, than having him be out and out evil.

Eduardo's reaction is realistic. The routine hit close to home, he's hurt, and he's lashing out. I like that too.

Anonymous said...

Billy has nothing of "poor"... he is not even one particularly exceptional sort of douche-bag: he is just the average citizen who lives in his or her comfortable bubble ignoring what the world out there is actually about.

All that there is wrong in the world is not so much because of the bad powerful few ruling countries and money, as because of the zillions of mindless Billies and Janes who, oh, "didn´t know that...".