Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Coming This Fall!!!

Okay, it's official! In addition to the FULL COLOR version of Kyle's B&B book 3, there will also be a special Black & White edition released. I took an informal poll on Facebook, and while the large majority of readers preferred the color version, there is still a small percentage of readers who prefer the strip in black & white, (the way it was in the first two books). So, after a little investigation, I discovered it would not be too much trouble to publish BOTH versions of the book. And that's what will happen.... everyone wins!  (And also, the B&W version is a bir less expensive than the color, so if you're looking to save a few bucks, that's another option!).  In any case, the official publication date is September 24th, although you may find it showing up available on Amazon earlier than that.
UPDATE: Signed copies of the new book will be available for mail order from my friends at Book Revue bookstore, here on Long Island. If you'd like to reserve your signed copy in advance, you can call Book Revue and ask for Steve, (631-241-1442). He'll take your info, and that way the book can be sent right out to you once they arrive at the store. (And if Steve's not there when you call, ask when he'll next be in so you can call him back then. It's better to let only Steve take your order directly, as anyone else there may not be aware of the arrangement I've made with the store).


Sean said...

Yeah! Christmas gifts!

Karmakat said...



Anonymous said...

When is Breyer ever coming back to the comic!?

Greg Fox said...

Karmakat, you're right! Wow... did not expect the book to be up there available on Amazon already!!!

To anonymous... Breyer will be back in a few episodes, (I was actually just drawing him!).

Anonymous said...

Love it! Ordering it now!

Anonymous said...

I like this development with LAnce because it's showing that he is trying to mature and actually care for someone else. The mere fact that he is this upset shows that Drew has gotten under his skin in a way to which no one else has. Give Lance a break. It's not like he can relate to anyone else in the house.