Friday, March 21, 2014

Come Meet Me at the GLBT EXPO This Weekend in NYC!!!!

Hey, y'all....I'm going to be making an appearance at the GLBT Expo this Saturday, 
March 22 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City!!! At 4:30 pm I'll be at the
 "Out in Jersey" booth. This won't be an actual book-signing event, as the venue
 is not set up to handle retail sales, but instead it's more of a "meet & greet" with fans
of the strip. (However, if you already own any of the Kyle's B&B books, by all means, 
feel free to bring them and I'll sign them for you). And of course, I'll be there to answer 
any & all questions you may have about the strip, and also I'll have some artwork to 
show, including sketches from the upcoming Kyle's B&B: The Book of Drew
So, come on down to the Javits Center on Saturday, I'd love to meet you!  And
don't forget, I'll be at the  "Out in Jersey" booth at 4:30 pm.  
 (Info about the whole event is at


Ardenwolfe said...

Wait. Book of Drew? That's this about? Can you elaborate?

Greg Fox said...

Hey, Ardenwolfe... yeah, I am working on a book of figure drawings of Drew. This came about after the storyline involving him posing for those revealing photos when he was in college for a poetry collection. I received a lot of e-mails immediately afterward, asking if I was actually going to release a poetry book filled with nude drawings of Drew. Well, considering that I do a lot of figure drawings on the side, anyway.... that sounded like it might be a fun idea. A book of poetry, interspersed with some nice classical-style pencil drawings of Drew. But after working on this over the past few months, I decided to jettison the idea of squeezing them into a poetry book, and instead release a larger-format book with just the drawings. They're going to be a little different from the style of art you see in the comic strip.... these are more rough, black & white pencil type drawings. A little looser, yet done in that sort of "classical figure drawing" style. I think you'll like them, (I have been releasing a few sneak peeks on Facebook). I'll post some here, too, as the release date approaches, although.... they do mostly feature full-frontal nudity, so them may need to be censored to post on this here website! Thanks for asking!

Ardenwolfe said...

Ah. Thank you much for explaining this. I'll definitely buy it as soon as it's released. ;)