Friday, May 09, 2014

YouTube Review of Kyle's Bed and Breakfast #384 - RedTime Comic Review

Another spectacular review of the latest episode of Kyle's B&B, # 384, by Rob on YouTube!
He is magnificent! Thank you, Rob!


Det. Abilene said...

You are more than welcome. Love the strip! :-)

Anonymous said...

Rob: Your comments were sketchy. Let me say that I like Lance and drew together. They have far better chemistry than Kyle and brewer. They also are far more interesting as well.... now, comments were made about interracial gay couples not lasting and based upon what I've seen, it's been true to a large extent. You're not a minority so you wouldn't know what's is like to truly face discrimination. That said, some of the comments were taken out of context.... Moving on to price, on one hand you say that he's like Joan Collins, but we all know that Joan is nothing than an Elizabeth Taylor wannabe and not a very good one at that. You're looking at his looks and not his behavior which can be considered typical gay male behavior. So too is the notion as to whether gay men telly want to see each other happy which they dont. We all know of gay men like this so..... Did Drew sleep with price? Not likely but Lance has a lot of insecurities and is good to see him opening up with Drew. He is by far the most complex character.... I'd like to see him lose his job or demoted and be discriminated against because I'd like to see Lance start to be vulnerable and depend on someone, in other words, show a different side to I welcome your response.....

Det. Abilene said...

Hey B,

Thanks for watching and commenting… I’ll try to answer you the best that I can. First off, it is true that I have never faced racial discrimination, but as a person with a physical disability (my left leg is paralyzed) I feel like I have experienced discrimination in other ways.

As far as whether or not interracial relationships last or not, I didn’t get into the subject because I thought it was beyond the scope of this particular episode. However, I think open communication among those who want to discuss serious topics is always good. As for myself, I’ve had five serious relationships - two of them were interracial and three were not. None of the five lasted, so (for me in my experience) I would just say that I have found relationships in general to be difficult regardless of race.

Joan Collins was a Liz knockoff, but I always thought she was fun. That’s just my preference though. Again, my other website is B-Movie Detective, so I have a lot fun with camp like EMPIRE OF THE ANTS and the like – lol.

Do I like good looking men? Sure! Is that stereotypical gay male behavior? You bet! I think all the guys in the strip are hot. Personally I think that any kind of strip like this needs a bad boy like Price to stir the pot and keep things interesting, but again that’s my opinion.

The good thing is that we all love these characters enough to read and discuss them! That’s what I love best about fiction in any medium.

Thanks again for watching and commenting ;-)


Anonymous said...


Sorry about your left leg being paralyzed. as a gay black male, I can tell you there area different set of rules for us. I totally relate to Lance and I've read some of the comments and to be honest, where he drawn as white, I don't think that the criticism would be as much... But for some reason, he and Lance have this type of chemistry that translates well in the strip. I just feel that Lance had never been explored like the other characters.... Neither has Jiang or Matt..... The time is wasted on Brad....

Relationships are difficult but in most gay relationships, race had played a factor in terms of basic equality. There are just as many gay racists as straight ones, they just hide it better or pretend that no one notices. Long had white gay media and literati ignored the many contributions of minority gays

Joan C was so so but in terms of Price, he will rue the day he messed with Lance. Of all of the characters in the step, Lance surpasses him in terms of cunning.

Det. Abilene said...

Racism is terrible and I hate that you (or anyone) goes through it. The good thing is to realize that (in personal relationships) those people aren't worth your time. I obviously don't know much about you, but I can tell from your posts that you are intelligent and passionate - so I think everything will turn out alright for you ;-)

I think Lance has begun to be fleshed out and explored more in the strip this past year, and I think we'll see it more as this relationship continues.

I actually like Brad as comic relief. To me, he's kinda the dumb blonde of the strip and I enjoy him as such.

And I would totally love to see Price get what he deserves from Lance or even Richard. The only thing better then seeing the bad boy dish it out is getting to see him have to take it too :-)

Thanks for the good conversation...