Thursday, June 05, 2014

RedTime Comic Review on YouTube of Kyle's B&B - Episode # 386

Thanks to Robb for another great review!!!  He also has a review of the new Kyle's B&B book Drawings of Drew at :


Anonymous said...

First, I responded to your, let's discuss this issue. Look it's obvious that this guy is at least bi Let's not kid ourselves. There is a strong continent of married gay men with women.... is it a coincidence that he showed up at kyles doorstep. No...I'm glad that Greg got rid of that skater. He was much too boring! Hopefully we see some of the dynamics within Breyer and Kyle relationship. I mean it's been about 3 or 4 years and no ripple at all. He had the chance when richard kissed Breyer but story line fizzled...thus far Lance and Drew are far more interesting...I want see Matt and Jeff and Matt lover too...back to the storyline, Kyle hasn't really had any backbone on anything and this could be another way for him to be gullible and usable which might explain why this guy sought him out and not richard or breyer....On a different note, when will we see a marriage?.........

Anonymous said...

why can't a str8 guy come by and say thanks? hmmm? waiting for the next episode. if only this was a TV show.

Det. Abilene said...

I think a straight guy CAN come by and say "hello," but for the sake of drama I hope that "B" is right and he is at least bi - lol.

I'd love to see Matt and Jeff too!

And don't I wish they would turn this strip into a TV show :-)

Thanks for commenting guys!


Anonymous said...

A straight guy can stop by but let's be real here, he asked for kyle. Not Breyer or Richard or even his protege. You tell me..... Besides, the last two episodes were boring.... This step is needed for escapism but it's hardly realistic. It has the chance to make bold statements but it remains to be seen if it will do that