Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Episode # 418 - August 18th, 2015

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Anonymous said...

How soon Brad forgets what an utter scumbag Price has been in the past -- it's not like people hate Price for just no reason at all...

ethan2chris said...

The Brad-Price thing does bring up a salient gay question: are we more willing to forgive obnoxious behavior in someone who's physically appealing than in someone who isn't?

That is, even if we're not attracted to them ourselves, do we tend to overlook faults more easily in the beautiful?

I don't know if Brad is attracted to Price or not. But he is being rather forgiving, isn't he? Do I recall this incorrectly, or did Price attempt to take over the house from Kyle through a scam some time ago?

One thing I can say: I find the Brad-Price subplot much more interesting than anything that Jake does, no matter who else is involved.

Anonymous said...

Wondering if both Lance and Richard knows that Brad is going to get hurt? Going to get hurt really badly.

Anonymous said...

Ethan makes a great point. Gay men will make any excuse to alleviate bad behavior if someone is good looking or well endowed or has money. We see this all of the time and it's annoying. Then they get upset when you don't want to either be a part of it or listen to them. Remember folks: all you have to do is great gay men like crap and they will flock to you. They don't know any better. Especially when it comes to self esteem or self worth.

Brad has long been the air head of this series and to be honest with you, I don't think that he's all that. I'm glad Price is using him he deserves to grow up. How long is he going to be in the minor leagues and closeted?

Jake shouldn't even be in the series. Nether should eduardo. Their whole storyline out me to sleep. They should just get rid of those characters altogether or use them sparingly.


Ardenwolfe said...

Love it. Drama incoming.

Anonymous said...

I rest my case. Hay men love drama. It makes them feel alive and they can't function without it


Anonymous said...

I'm so confused now. Dunno if it is:

1-Greg making a kind of redemption for Price, cuz he doesn't like to have a bad boy char XD;
2-Greg trying to show that ppl can change and sometimes to better;
3-a kind of new drama and it will hurt Brad do badly;
4-Price doing a kind of new trick;
5-Greg showing that sometimes we fall in love for the wrong person and we forgive his mistakes so easily.

Too many options. Dunno what is coming. Only dat ass of Brad and with a Cap. América shirt... Only me thinking that Greg tried to compare Brad and Steve Rogersi n this chapter? Tall, muscled, blonde and blue eyed dude?

Ardenwolfe said...

You know, I'm getting pretty sick of a certain poster thinking this is some dissertation of gay men via a comic strip and the commentary section. So let's be clear: this is a comic strip for entertainment.

Drama makes any series, comic or otherwise, more entertaining because it brings tension and conflict. This is required for any form of entertainment in publishing.

If anyone so dislikes the series, please feel free to read something else. Your comments are not required, and some of us don't appreciate your attitude much less making comment about us in general.

Please take up legal studies and "rest your case" somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I find this to be hilarious to say the least. I personally don't care if you're getting "tired" of a "certain poster." I mean are we in the movie "Mean Girls" or something? Really....I have seen MANY gay men put up with this type of behavior and I just sit back and laugh at them because I know that they will throw their lives away for fools. You may not like or believe it but that's a fact. We all see this way more times than in straight couples. Art imitates life and you know this....

You say that drama makes any series or what have you but so too can good things happening within the strip. But here is what I have seen so far: (1) the story between Eduardo and Jake and Nick is so boring that it's like watching paint dry. I hope that Brad gets hurt because it's for his own good. I find it odd that the characters never seem to age at all. When was the last time that we say ANY "drama" featuring Kyle and the non hung Breyer? No, we see it with everyone else but those two....

It seems as if I struck a nerve within you. I think that deep down inside that you thrive on drama as well fall for guys like Price. You like majority of gay men feel alive when there's (1) gossip (2) bed hopping (3) drama. You all for that bad boy because your lives are so boring that you could use some excitement. Lastly, yes this is a "comic strip" but it's for PUBLIC consumption and you are arrogant to think that I should listen to you Arednwolfe.

And yes: I rest my case. ADVICE: to get a gay man, treat him like dirt and watch as he "gravitates" toward you.


Ardenwolfe said...

Pardon me while I watch you insult 'hay men' in an intellectual attempt to sound holier-than-thou, on the comment section of a comic strip no less, but coming off like a complete jackbag instead.

That said, changing your letter from B to G doesn't make it any less obvious who you are. An obvious troll is still obvious.

Sadly, I see it's time to no longer post or read the comment section due to posters like the one above. I'll just read the strip instead and avoid further 'intellectual' musings from someone so utterly bored with his life he needs to stir shit.


Anonymous said...

First of all, I don't know who B is but evidently he/she read you good at one point. That being said, you must still remember him or her putting you in your place and it still bothers you. Again: attracted to drama. ....

Don't read it then, but we both know that you'll be back


Mark said...

Sticking up for Price is good for Brad's bottom...it's never looked fuller. Keep defending Price, Brad!

Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous to think that this is solely a gay trait, to forgive attractive people more easily. Straights do it as well, frequently and obviously.

So no need to bend over backwards gay-bashing ourselves on this one -- it's a human failing, period.