Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Episode # 420 - September 15th, 2015

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Marc said...

Not surprising that the tea party guys want to sleep with Eduardo. Who wouldn't? Just hope they don't try to deport him when they're done with him!

Troy Haliwell said...

Just because Ed has been slapped with a label does NOT give him the right to slap someone else with an unwanted label.

I was for years the Hot Desirable Twink with the body. I fraking HATED being labeled that and hated it when people would hit on me with the sole intention of having sex with me.

My husband on the other hand, was always asked if he would shave and if he said "No" he was rejected--even though he is incredible handsome. At other times they would sleep with him just because he was a "Bear"--a label he rejected for decades.

The fact that Jake's genetics gave him a hairry body and Ed's genetic heritage gives him a darker skin does not mean they should have labels.

Unless you are a part of the culture, which clearly neither are a part of even though they have features that would make them a part of it, does NOT mean they are of that culture.

Marco said...

Oh wow , hot episode. Now we need one with Brad and Brice.

Anonymous said...

Nice episode. TROY - WELL SAID!

Mark Ehlers said...

A lovely episode, Greg...well done!

Anonymous said...

the way you have developed Eduardo with his sense of humor is GREAT.

Anonymous said...

...DELICIOUS! It IS nice to see a 'softer' side of Eduardo.

When he first hit the B&B, I thought he was more of a storyline to represent the 'minority youth thrown out in the streets because he/she is gay'...Streetwise, Tough...but, it seems that he has come into his own as a Mature Adult.

Yes, on the outside, he has the "Hot Latino Papi" visual, but wants to be known (& respected) for who HE is...EDUARDO, PERIOD.

And, Greg seems to have drawn him a little more Adult-like these days, too....No More 'Failed Boy Band Member Circa 2001! : )

SO, Me Likey; always nice to see Two People overcome stereotypes of ANY kind and see the INDIVIDUAL underneath...Good Show,Greg!

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone gets a shot at eduardo. Lance, Brad, jake hit it. College roommates hit it. Nick could've hit it. Lol...