Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Episode # 425 - November 24th, 2015

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Rip said...

I hope that Jeremy don't disturb Lance and Drew's relationship... And I would like of ask to another scene of Lance and Drew naked in bed or in the shower, I miss them.

Anonymous said...

Drew does NOT look pleased with this new guy!

Anonymous said...

So am I missing something -- why is Lance so disturbed at Jeremy's reappearance?

Unknown said...

... and will Jeremy be causing Kyle and Breyer a few ... er ... problems as well? (And only "a few," I hope. LOVE Breyer.)

Sean said...

Drew be like "WTF did I walk into?" LOL

Anonymous said...

Hmmm,interesting plot twist...wondering where it'll go...to the detriment of Lance & Drew's relationship!? (hope not..)

Also, I'm surprised that Lance remembers the name of a "One Time Trick"...also surprised he would play with someone so 'flame-y" (HEY, not critiquing; I believe Lance stated once he wasn't into 'queens'..)

Anyway, I think Jeremy adds a new dimension to the B&B; he seems to be well Employed, smart, 'up', Tight lil' Body, sexual, & seems to connect with all at the B&B (aside from Drew, for now..LOL)..

AND, he comes across as an 'updated' version of Richard, whom I still love, but...Rich seems to have 'stalled'; no evolution of sorts in character...maybe Kyle will find out about that pass Rich made at Breyer (p.s.,where is HE?!) and tell Jeremy to 'take' Rich's room! :)

ShaunNJ said...

Note to Anonymous (this morning). Breyer told Kyle about Richard's pass - led to a brief falling out, Richard was evicted from B&B for a time. He is a bit similar to Richard - a bit more affected. I wouldn't say updated as he's using expressions which haven't been contemporary vernacular for some time.

Still he could be an interesting character - don't think Drew should be bothered - he's very laid back and this was something from years ago. Plus, Drew knows how hot he is. Lance of course is pissed.

Anonymous said...

Greg, I wanna see Kyle shirtless \o/ show us :D

Greg Fox said...

To anonymous.... Kyle has actually appeared shirtless several times. I don't have the episode #s in front of me, but I can tell you one time when he was in bed with Glenn, (it's in the first book), and also when he's in bed with Breyer, (in the second book). There may have been other times, but those are the ones that come to mind! Thanks for your interest!