Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Episode # 429 - January 19th, 2016

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Jaxon said...

The "not my type" sounds a bit racist to me - especially with some of the recent articles that have come across the screen regarding gay men and "preferences" - no blacks, no asians, etc.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even get a hint of racism in that comment. Every bogy has a type or types that they are or are not attracted too. There are those who don't like someone because they are too fat, too old, etc. Just because someone doesn't find someone of a different race attractive, does not make them racist.

And I appreciate Price's pantslessness too :) HEHE

Luca said...

Let's please find racism where it is actually present, it doesn't help anyone cry racism every time. Here's the sense is clear and nowhere there's the hint Price is referring to the race when saying about his "type".

Personally I also believe that not being physically attracted to a specific race doesn't automatically imply one's racist, but that's another story.

(using here the "race" word loosely, in the common sense way of the use, without any specific scientific connotation)

Regarding Price's suggestion, it would be a disaster, but that's quite an obvious conclusion.

Don said...

I just love Richard... he puts it all in proper perspective.

Tom said...

How lucky is Kyle to have a boyfriend who shovels the snow off the deck for him. While wearing white spandex bike shorts? If you guys ever break up, Breyer, I'm available. Favorite part of this episode is Richard secretly snapping pic with his cell phone of Price's butt!

Troy Haliwell said...

I did not see anything racist in that at all. He could be talkng physically, mentally, psychologically, or any combo therein. Could not get into his age, his body type, femininity/masculinity, profession, education leavel, or anything else. There is a world of reasons why, it is called attraction level.

Anonymous said...

I think that Price is being racist and I can see how other people could say that. It's because there has long been the case with a lot of white gay men who have elitist attitudes because the gay community caters to them specifically. That has LONG been the case even if people don't like discussing this. This is the case with this character. (1) He's from down south and I don't need to go into history to remind anyone here that the southern states are KNOWN for this. (2) Elitist and spoiled white boy upbringing. Need I say more?

This has LONG been a problem within the gay community and it's the case with gay history. The movie Stonewall is being made and not a single black gay revolutionary or even minority gay is listed as having contributed to the cause. It's this ignorance of fact that leads to a lot of mistrust.....Now that I'm off of my soapbox

LANCE: Anyone would be suspicious as well. It's too much of a coincidence to have a hook up just suddenly appear out of nowhere. I think that anyone here would feel the same. Plus, I think that it's cute that Lance is insecure because it shows that he's human. It also shows his depth of feelings for Drew that he's this rattled! Long has Lance been portrayed as a whore monger driven only by his career but it is clear that he's madly in love with Drew.

Richard: LOL...He's so devious!


Anonymous said...

Also, It's really easy to say that someone isn't being racist when you're a part of a group that isn't being discriminated against.

Breyer: It's good to see him, even if he's still wearing the same clothes from years past....


Anonymous said...


...it's a-BOUT TIME! and he's in those white spandex shorts again, YAY!

Hey Greg, how's 'bout a storyline where Brey & Drew run across each other? I don't think they were even in the same panel yet!

It seems they would have a LOT in common; Sports, relationships, partial to almost full nudity... ;)

Joshing aside, seems they could be good friends, and they seem to be the 'beefiest' REAL Men in the B&B, and VERY down to earth...monogamous , too!

...I'm....I mean, WE'RE waiting! ;)

Greg Fox said...

Hey, anonymous... Breyer and Drew have appeared together before... here is an instance from episode # 375, when Richard dressed them up as shepherds, (just barely!), for Kyle's Holiday Party! Unfortunately, blogger will not allow me to insert images into the comments field, but if you copy & past the URL address below you can see the guys together, (wearing practically nothing!).


Mark said...

Tom, that's a good point: why exactly IS Breyer shoveling the snow? Shouldn't that be Brad's job as the B&B's handyman? But perhaps Breyer just LIKES shoveling snow. Who knows why Canadians do anything?!

Sigh. Brad probably wouldn't have shoveled the snow in his tighty-whities anyway...

Anonymous said...

It looks like that Lance has something not well finished with that guy. Perhaps it's a secret... cuz strips ago I remember of seeing somebody talking about Lance's past adventures. We gonna have to wait to see what will happen.

It's nice see Breyer, but honestly we need to visit the closet... cuz he has been wearing red and white for too long and I don't rememeber of seeing him in the shower XD (kidding).

Price, as usual, being naughty lol... too bad he is in total eclipse (few ppl gonna understand that). But Richard knows how to take advantage... perhaps Greg can create a random comic of pictures from Rich's phone... probably he has a lot of stuff to share with us XD.