Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Episode # 441 - July 5th, 2016

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Anonymous said...


This Westerner had to look up Brian Sims on wiki. Great guy to be mistaken for. The man is pure hunk! He needs to publish some nude photographs, And That's the Truth!!!!



whiskers65 said...

I had to look up Brian Sims 2 I would have never known who he was. Drew though needs to get over himself, he should be flattered that guys want to take his picture instead he's acting like a stuck-up jerk

Paul R said...

Another one who had to look up Brian Sims, but was glad to learn about him!
I was looking to see if I could identify any of the P'town buildings you drew!
Sadly, this may be my only "visit" to P'town this year.


Unknown said...


Troy Haliwell said...

Living on the West Coast I had no idea who he was either, so had to look him up.

That lead me to his counterpart in PA, a Republican gay man.

Guess they do exist after all. :-)

Neil W said...

Well, I didn't have to look up Brian Sims, but my boyfriend grew up in Pennsylvania, so I've been paying attention to that stuff. Great strip today.

Peter said...

I'm from abroad and knew who Brian Sims is, and the story is really the work of a genius. Yes, that's YOU, Greg!

RedBear1961 said...

@ whiskers65: How PRECISELY is Drew acting "like a stuck-up jerk"? He GRACIOUSLY agreed to pose for everyone who asked, even while they IGNORED the man he was OBVIOUSLY with. Also, I find it hard to credit that Lance would not know who Brian Sims is and be aware that he resembles Drew.

Mark said...

That was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

That's ridiculous, Danvers is manlier, more "classically handsome" (like all the ken-dolly main characters of the strip): he looks like a 1990's porn star, Sims like a prep boy, and seems very slightly cross-eyed too.

I would kick them both out my kitchen table, anyway :-)


Matt said...

Very funny. Having seen Brian a few times, I wouldn't necessarily make the connection, but there is a resemblance.

Anonymous said...

....OK, First Off, I Love Drew (GREAT addition to the strip, and Greg LOVES to draw him)...BUT...

...does he REALLY have to talk with that 'Oh Gosh Durn-it, 'Lil Ol' Me?!' Talk? doesn't he have a High profile Job where he has Sponsored talks?

NOT complaining about it in any way, but it seems that his being with Lance, Lance's speech patterns would rub off on him (I'm also surprised that Lance hasn't corrected his English...He must REALLY Love Him!)

Also, Drew seems to be morphing somewhat into him (a Polo-esque shirt at a Bear convention? Black Dress Socks when he checked in on Rudy?)

...ANYWAY, rant over...can you tell I had too much Red Wine? :/

(Oh, P.S., WHERE IS EDUARDO AND JAKE?! Is is still working out with them? ...How's about it, Greg?! Hee Hee!)

whiskers65 said...


As evidenced by his in the one panel. I mean you'd think he would
have asked their names or something and possibly not been as bored in his expressions. Lance probably wouldnt assume a celebrity look alike since he would have no idea these other guys are thinking the Brian Sims thing

Anonymous said...

In reference to David Mcdonald's comment: Brian Sims is a DEMOCRAT, not a Republican. No one with that voting record could be a Republican these days.