Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Episode # 457 - February 14th, 2017

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Anonymous said...

We-eee-ll, the transition is a'happenin'; Jake's got a furry new 'pup' to play with, ha-HAAA!! : )

I saw it coming a MILE away, but we all know storyboards need a 'setup'(LUV Ya, Greg!) I really have no idea what Eduardo was thinking, breaking up with someone after going to a nightclub...but I believe Jake knew in his heart that this relationship with Ed was not benefiting either person...Jake SHOULD end it.

THEN, get on that Russian's end....STAT!! ha-HAA!! I was genuinely surprised at some of the commenters in the previous posting thinking that the Russian was very rude; Yes, the 'teenager' response was brusque, but we all know 'Russ' left himself WIDE open, being at that bar...Pots & Kettles, Rushie?!

BUT, be that as it may, I would like to see a burgeoning Mid 40's - Early 50's 'Bear' romance happen with these two at the B&B...I personally am in the beginning stages of one myself(My very 1st, where I'M the elder..yikes), and it would be nice to see how masculine, thick, mature MEN connect romantically, casually...sexually....mmmmm-hmmmm..haHAA!! : )

So, let's not get Rushie off on the wrong foot; we know the B&B Boys always get a 'meet hate / cute' start-off....So, who's David and who's Maddie?! ha HAA!!

(that's a little shout out to my DEARLY departed Al Jarreau...may he be 'Moonlighting' in Heaven now..) : (

...SO, all, what'cha think of the "Russkie"?! CHOW!

Unknown said...

That's a real Russian curse in panel 5!

Anonymous said...

....Oh, that didn't get past me, Wildcat....I wrote "Outrageous" in Russian in my previous post, but the cut n' paste was too small (dagnamit, that Google Translate! ha- HAA!)

We'll see if he has more to say in the future...I wonder if his spiky hair matches his body hair..I think Jake will find out soon enough! ha-HAA!

...chow! : )

Jack said...

Look: it's obvious that Ed and Jake are not meant to be together and that's cool. Why not just have them break up and get it over with? I mean, come on! Jake is looking to "nest" while Ed isn't. I never thought that these two made a good couple at all. For example: when I look at Drew and Lance (eventhough I feel as if Lance should be with Matt) I see an actual couple and when I look at Kyle and Breyer ( eventhough, their relationship it not realistic) I see an actual couple. when I look at the potential RIchard and Price, I see an actual couple (eventhough, they might try to fight it) but with these two, I see only a basic friendship and nothing more and nothing less...Jake is more natural with this Russian bear (THE sexiest man in the strip!!!!!!!!!!!!!)...Now why can't I find a stocky or thick verse/bottom bear? I wouldn't be on this site...


magickmagus said...

The Russian word,"pizdets" is derived from female genitalia but meaning changes depending on the situation. In our Russian bear's case, misfortune is attached to the word.

But it it isn't a real Russian curse. Putin is.