Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Episode # 461 - April 11th, 2017

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D said...

Glad they broke up (finally). They were a mismatch from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

....awww, this hurts.

First Off, Ed's stubbly goatee...he's NEVER looked HOT-TA!! grrrrrroooowwwLLL! The close up shot almost at panel Seven almost did me IN! : )

....now that I've composed myself, The Breakup...I do hope that they will come to a rethinking of their relationship; this is the most I've seen them connect (clothed), with the easy (and sexy) wordplay...THAT only comes when a couple REALLY knows each other, and the fit 'feels' right, regardless of age.

This posting is wonderful, Greg, with the quiet Spring afternoon (I've noticed the Tulips, also...a little nod to Yren, perhaps?)

BUT, I hope they give it another go; Right now, I'm mirroring this relationship a bit myself, me being the 'elder' in particular..He's in his late 30's, but we're taking it slow...even though I started falling a BIT, after seeing him get so immersed in a docu' about multiple personalities...uh-OH, I'se in TROUBLE! ha-HAA!! : )

Anyhoo, Wine kicking in, getting a bit blabby...OH!!!!

YREN!!...no need to apologize, Boo, you're All Good in Kyles' Hood...you obviously care very much about the Strip and Greg, to deal with such matters...but, Boooooy, that was just...SAVAGE! Ab-sa-lute!

....Yren's new Theme Song, all:


....P.S... tan those Buns WELL, Yren, Summer's - A-COMIN!


Anonymous said...

Glad to get back to this story line. Drew and the underwear modeling was tired and painful. Sorry Greg, I love you, but yeah -- this is the better story.

Anonymous said...

Kind of echoing the comment of our friend RBS ~ it's cute and a little sad. One of the things couples are able to do after being together (or being a great match) is finish each other's sentences. Here they do that as they finish their relationship, or at least change it for the better. Yes, it's friendly banter and quite civilized, and I think a set up for the new Jake-Serge relationship. Serge seems to find Jake appealing, which hasn't happened so much for him. On the other hand, the interaction between Jake and Serge seems another iteration of the dates Richard set up for Jake. Maybe Jake and Eduardo can be friends with benefits - that happens in real life and can be great for a couple not ready/able to settle down.

Ardenwolfe said...

Aw. That's too bad, but I suppose it opens the door to other possibilities. Poor Edwardo. Now watch Sergei swoop in now that Jake is out of the picture.

Man, that would be jacked up . . . but as long as we're talking about the strip instead . . . finally . . . where the heck is Breyer?

Mike said...

Ugh, if this means we're going to see Sergei and Jake as a couple, count me out. Blech.

Just feels a bit lame to have an age-difference relationship "break up" because of the age difference. Kinda predictable story line -- which is why I'm dreading Sergei, because that's ALSO so predictable. (And Sergei's a jerk.)

Yren Czenoxyga said...

What if this was a ploy for Sergei to get to Ed? Haha.
Anything could happen now that these two have officially split.
It's an outlandish conspiracy, but not unheard of: undermining a failing/rocky relationship in order to get to the target. Feigning interest with one in order to get closer to the other - the objective; but that's just a theory, a game theory (I don't believe Sergei and Ed have officially met each other, which could lead to some plausible interactions which develop further on, but that's unless Ed has a reasonable personal life outside of work or school).

RBS7079, I have a wicked tan line! You can clearly see where I wore a thong. (Others enjoy a good even tan, but I myself prefer to accentuate my assets, which my hubby enjoys immensely)

Ardenwolfe said...

I'm all for ass-sets! ;) And Yren? You'll always be welcomed here as far as I'm concerned. Put it out of your mind, friend.

ivannano said...

I was hoping this story line would continue. I know several successful couples who appear (to the outside) to be mismatched. This could have explored such couples and moved past the 'everyone must be buff (and seek that in others) to be happy' themes we constantly see.

Yren Czenoxyga said...

You guys... Thank you so much. If I could give all of you hugs,I would definitely try to squeeze all of you to convey my sincerity and appreciation. Platonic naked hugs, anyone? We're all adults here, right?

ivannano, I like to believe that Ed and Jake will revisit their relationship after Eduardo graduates or has a stable income not working multiple jobs and Jake lightening his work load too if that's his hangup. Maybe they'll find that they miss each other's company regardless of it being few and in-between. I wonder if Sergei will have a hand in their rekindling.

Mike said...

Gotta agree with ivannano -- lots of mismatched couples in this world make it work, and I think that'd be a lot more interesting than "two guys who are the same age and same body type" get together.

Yren -- let's hope that's the case! Opposites attract and it'd be nice to see that more reflected here! :-)

Yren Czenoxyga said...

Mike, no kidding! Love is love, nevertheless. Couples can be attracted to the same things to the point where they actually look like each other: same hipster style, shoes, clothes, facial hair, body hair, age, etc.

Personally, I find dissimilarities attractive or more eye-catching: height difference, social background, acceptable age difference, education, body type, occupations! Maybe I subconsciously root for their success because it has more distinct difficulties which could be deal breakers. I don't know, the best analogy I can think of is balancing chemical equations to visualize my point. I jokingly call this phenomenon homosexual dimorphism. lol

Couples that have similar interests and appearances: "H = H"
Couples that make their differences somehow cohesive: "2(H + O) = HO + O + H"

JLeeJr said...

OMG Nobody's in their drawers this time around LOL

Anonymous said...

...Hey All, back for a (couple) minute(s)...

I was off from work for the Good Friday thing, and decided to 'trace back' the origins of the Jake / Ed relationship, and...I WANT THEM TO GET BACK TOGETHER!!! : (

I pulled out my trusty 'Kyle' Books, and noticed that Ed had more of a mature Body language when with Jake; he seemed attentive, relaxed, at ease, concerned to the point of violence when Nick got a little nosy, & his clothing has been more conservative (draped short sleeve shirts, with warm muted colors, etc.)

Ed finally (unseen to me) had the 'maturity' I've long stated he should have by now. THAT has been making him sexier. But, Jake, seems to be constantly exasperated, seemingly about judgement of his elder status. Yren hit it DEAD on, about Jake not feeling that he isn't living up to his 'standard' about what a MAN should be, much less a GAY MAN.

But, he does seem to have that 'ease' I mentioned, with the passing time of getting to know Ed, and ONLY around Ed. If he lets the 'guard' down about the age' thing, he COULD have a shot with long-term LOVE with Ed.

This current posting shows that THEY, probably, would have the 2nd most MATURE relationship in the B&B if they let it blossom more. If Sergei enters the picture, will it hurt or benefit Jake, or, will it make Ed realize that Jake may be..THE ONE? To Be Continued.... : )

Which NOW, brings me to WHY I came back for another posting: the PREVIOUS 2nd Mature relationship (the 1st being Drew / Lance), would have been KYLE & BREYER.

But Breyer hasn't been in the strip since Jan '16, and a special 'Superhero' appearance in Spring 2016, and the previous time being...March 2014!!

I believe it is time to start a petition......

That Sexy Man Beast should have another storyline - He's been in all the Books, and has been Kyle's Love Interest forEVER...How are things in THEIR relationship? has He got a new Job? did He REALLY forgive Richard? how does he REALLY feel about Price?! does him and Drew hangout together? does he have that facial scruff still? I need some UPDATES!! >:(

Hey Greg, lets' make this happen...I'm all for the Tighty Whiteys, but it's the RELATIONS of the characters is what really brings the warmth of the strip...so SIGN THE PETITION, all!!



OH! p.s....Hey, Yren..'homosexual dimorphism'....ain't YOU Fancy!!
ha-HAAA! Platonic Hug to you, too...no Naked ones though; I don't need anyone's Hubby comin' after me...It's not 1998 anymore! ha-HAA!!


latinosito said...

I believe in Intergenerational love and us sad to see this but I have hopes.... I am so related ... specially because Eduardo is Puerto Rican like me :)... but in am glad to see this type of relationships....

Douglas Knapp said...

The artwork is beautiful. I liked the crocus best!