Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Episode # 473 - September 26th, 2017

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Anonymous said...

...I think we need to take away Richard's "Flashdance" and "Solid Gold" DVD's away from him...it's impairing his decision-making for 2017! ha-HAA!! : )

First off: LOVE Brad & Kristian's 'action' hair & body movement drawing, Greg; we rarely get to see physical movement from the Guys, aside from walking (Krist in Panel 1 & Brad in Panel 2 look especially fetching)...Kudos!

Next: Brad is STILL piing over the Italian Lover from WHEN ago!? yikes, Price, you wanna go up against THAT kinda adulation?!?

And, Kristian - hmmm...looks like he's building up to ask Brad out...Rich, you may wanna keep your eyes (and nose) open, instead of trying to look like Darcel! ha-HAA!!

(..nice ass in Panel 9 tho..)

But, I hate to say it...Brad / Kristian are looking like a VERY cute match..this storyline is shaping up to something interesting..80's spandex & headbands aside! ha-HAA! : )


Wildcat said...

I'm a little worried for Kristian. You don't ever wanna get on Price's bad side.

Yren Czenoxyga said...


Uhh... Are they wearing anything under those shorts/leggings?

If Richard gets injured, that could open up the conversation between Kristian and him. Find out why he is at the bed and breakfast. Ulterior motives and miscommunication always seem to be the most popular theme lately. I just wish honesty and openness were a lessoned learned with these people. Lol

Unknown said...

I don't think that this will end well for Richard and Price. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Ardenwolfe said...

Definitely different. Still not sure about this plotline, but we'll see.

haranoe synechism said...

Richard may be looking "festive", but he certainly is not going to a party... he's out to save the world!! Stoopjid, clueless mandolls!


Mike said...

Awww... I have to admit I'm rooting for Richard to find someone. And while I think it would be great if it were Kristian, part of me still kind of wonders if all this scheming together might not turn into some sparks between Richard and Price.