Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Episode # 476 - November 7th, 2017

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Anonymous said...

.....Ummm, where was I when Jake agreed to go out with Ser-GAY!? ha-HAA!

AL-RIGHT....I think I may get sentimental; I know Jake IS afraid to get his heart broke again(..to new readers: Jake was cheated on with a friend of his ex's), but he seems to wallow in self-pity FAR too much!

As we all know, a New Lover may not have the same traits, thoughts, and maybe even sexual expertise (or experience) as a past lover, but THAT'S why we still jump into the pool, to try again... to BE OPEN to what future a New Love can bring.

I had a LONG TIME love that did NOT work out(and THAT'S putting it mildly)... but, when I was SERIOUSLY not looking, I had some F-U-N with someone 23 years younger than me....and, it was nice. : )

It didn't work out (Italy is LONG way from Brooklyn), but I was finally OPEN to someone I thought 'couldn't be for me'.

...and, Jake should, too.

SO, Sergei may be a LOT of things (and it's been WELL documented here)... but it should be up to Jake to try and see if this could be the start of something...Nice.

....ACK, did this come from me?!? I gotta stop listening to Barry Manilow and drinking Red Wine....Loooks liiiike we MADE it....left EEEACH OTHER on tha way toanotherloooove..ha-HAAA!! : )

Chow, RBS

Ardenwolfe said...

I still say he's a stalker.

Unknown said...

How much do I love these two together? SO MUCH. I'm a firm believer that a partner that challenges you is a partner worth keeping. And Sergei certainly is challenging, if nothing else. Now if only we could get Brad and Price back together...

Thom H.

magickmagus said...

"Sergei" is Russian for "Sergius and has nothing to do with being gay. Jake is right--heartbreak is real as is the fear of it from the pecs and add squad. The gay community always laughs it off because they don't want to deal with the pain--especially if someone else has that pain. "Oh, you'll get over it," or "It will make you stronger," the says. I just adore amateur psychiatry like this. Anyway Greg I'm grateful you've written about something important for a change. Keep up the good work.

Barak Torvan said...

Finally a real world, adult, serious, grown up episode. I have had enough of the Dynasty ones, and it is nice to see the serious side of things tackling middle aged romances. I would like to see this first date spread out over a series of episodes, not just one of those flash in the pan ones.

You cannot live on the McDonalds meals, sometimes you have to have real meat and veg.

Mike said...

Nope. Not buying it. Sergei is obnoxious, hateful, and creepy. Jake deserves someone WAY better than Sergei and I hate this pairing and I hate what it says about acting like Sergei and still getting what you want.

This doesn't address ANY of the REALLY awful behavior Sergei engaged in during his introduction, and the fact that Jake is ignoring all that he said and did makes me think a LOT less of Jake as well.

I hate the attitude that older bears should only date older bears. I hate the idea that somebody can be outright rude and pushy and somehow steamroller someone into dating them.

This whole episode brings up all sorts of red flags and the fact that Sergei continues to get rewarded for behavior that in real life would get him frozen out of social groups is just... really, really grating. Nobody who is a friend of Jake's should have thought this was a good idea.

Sergei is bad news, has been portrayed as bad news, and yet somehow gets what he wants. Terrible message to send and I hate this storyline even more now.

magickmagus said...

Oh Mike, where does the hate come from? Possibly your imagination. Not all people, in fact very few subscribe to the goody two-shoes school of characterization. Even St. Kyle who talks to angels showed his darker side by throwing his best friend Richard out of the B&B (and it was snowing!). We all have our faults and they make characters believable. Give Sergei a chance.

Ardenwolfe said...
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Ardenwolfe said...

Nope, Sergei is a stalker. Straight up. Any guy who 'happens' to show up when your car breaks down, and just happens to be in the ice skating rink where you go with your friends, and just happens to start living in the same place where you sleep?

Oh hell no. That's stalker shit 101. Leave the house and run. Run fast.

MelliePh said...

Thank you for this. It's very sweet.

Mike said...

magickmagus, my hate comes from reading exactly what Sergei said and did in the first few comics he was introduced in -- did you perhaps miss those? The moments of hitting on someone he knew was on a date? The casual slurs against younger gay men and non-masculine gay men? The ridiculous (and completely unrealistic) assumptions that manly bears can only have successful relationships with other manly bears? The arrogance and essentially bullying/stalking behavior that the character has shown from the beginning?

It's not about being a goody-two shoes. Quite the opposite. It's about being appalled that the creator of this comic has made a character so ridiculously rude, offensive, and arrogant and yet is rewarding that character with giving him everything he wants. It's about Jake's friends being oblivious to the rudeness and creepy behavior of Sergei.

And finally, it's about Jake not having enough self-respect to reject a guy who was so insulting to his previous boyfriend that SUPPOSEDLY he is still friends with, but I can't see how. It's about Jake not having enough self-respect to follow his initial instincts with this guy, and instead allowing himself to basically be gaslighted into a date with him.

Sergei, from the very beginning, has been an APPALLING human being with no redeeming qualities shown at all. Maybe you "read into" his character with YOUR imagination -- I'm just going by his words and actions as portrayed on the page.

It's an extremely disappointing and disturbing storyline, with a lot of old, sad, negative tropes about gay men being trotted out. The fact that Jake actually agreed to a date doesn't make me like Sergei more, it makes me like Jake less.

Yren Czenoxyga said...

You guys! I really can't add anything extra to this discussion, but I wholly agree with the commentators who don't agree with this pairing.
Someone mentioned "two-shoes," and that reminded me that Christmas is right around the corner since Thanksgiving is the next Thursday after this one! You know what happens right after Thanksgiving, right? Will, besides black Friday...Endless Christmas music on the radio.
I'm pretty sure some of you have listened to that "Christmas shoes" song, which leads to this question: if the boy saved the receipt for those shoes and returned them, would he technically get a full-priced refund? In cash too, right?
It's a joke between my partner and me that I'd be too cold-hearted in that situation if I were the narrator because my general dislike of children.

Bud Morries said...

For the record: I agree with Mike's assessment about the Jake and the gay community at large moreso than that hot Russian bear. We all knew that it was only a matter of time before Jake "gives in"..However, if Mike is "going by his words and actions" then shouldn't the same thing be afforded to the obviously genital challenged Price? This man has done FAR more dirt than anyone in the strip and yet and still people want to see him and Brad together. That being said: let's not act like this is a surprise: gay men have long been attracted to bad boys.....But I agree, this is a disappointing storyline