Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Episode # 480 - January 2nd, 2018

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MelliePh said...

This is getting very interesting. This is a great way to start the year.

Anonymous said...

....and, 2018 starts with a RICHARD storyline...yay!

W-EEE-LLL, I DO understand why Rich is feeling the way he is about Krist's apprehension for a relationship; Krist and Brad would make an AWESOME pair (& have more in common), and possibly feels an honest 'threat' from "Captain America" (regardless of Price's interest in Brad.)

BUT, especially after Price's 'framing' of Krist, he would HONESTLY talk to him, and try to forge a mutual understanding, instead of huffing off, acting as if Krist was like the "Hundred Men" before.

AND, with Krist's wording of that 'Bizarre' day of football, is he indicating that Richard may be too..."Solid Gold" for him?!? :<

I can't wait for Krist's explanation; I hope this storyline will give us a more sympathetic, nuanced, introspective, & REAL Rich. I've long felt that Rich was the character with the least growth, it is TIME to pack away the 'Party Boy / Gossip Queen / sometime-DJ', and show us RICHARD RUBIN (yes, all, that's his last name!)

...and by the by, he seems to be MUCH more handsome with the subdued hair-dye job & clothing....GROWNUP RICHARD for the 2018 WIN! ha-HAAA!

CHOW! : )

Ardenwolfe said...

Hah! Captain America. Regardless, Kristian is no doubt in some kind of trouble. Wouldn't be shocked if Trump is trying to deport him or something.

Anonymous said...

.....HOLA, Greg, LOVE the new B&B 'snowy' layout page!!

That shot above with Price & Brad is what made me fall in love with them being a couple!

Anyhoo, onward story, HO!! ha-HAAA!! : )


Bandana Jack said...

tbh, this story line is killing me. i hate it when "words get in the way. and yes, i would also like to see richard be treated with love and respect. something kristian seems all to prepared to do, except for this bizarre behavior on his part. maybe if he quit tiptoeing about, the issue might get resolved. i hurt for richard...

don't i have enough aches on my own account kyle?

Anonymous said...

Hola, AGAIN Greg; the header changed!!

..and, whatta couple of DEVASTATOS you got there at the B&B! lovely to see Sergei becoming a part of the family; BUT I would've used:

- Panel 4 shot in Ep. 456 (Sergei)
- Panel 7 shot in Ep. 461 (Ed)
- Panel 3 shot in Ep. 475 (Price; shows us what's he REALLY like!)
- Panel 7 shot in Ep. 450 / Panel 3 shot in Ep. 442 (Brad)

...but his 'O' face shot Summer 2016 is for the dirty-minded ones; present company INNN-cluded!! ha-HAA!! : )

...SO sorry for popping up again, all; I'm on vacay, and needed another stay at the B&B!

..I'll go, TOODLES!!

Greg Fox said...

Jack, hang in there... as I mentioned on Facebook, I REALLY should have put a "to be continued" tag onto this episode, because it definitely will be!

And RBS7079 thank you for that input... some good ideas there! Perhaps on a future blog header I will put those images you mentioned to use. I appreciate the thoughtful suggestions!

Iclabon72 said...

You made me love Richard, Greg, so its really rewarding to see a character you actually care about be the center for once and have a win in his life. I'm definitely staying tuned.

Oh and RBS7079, thanks for the welcome back. As enthusiastic as always, I see. As for why I disappeared for awhile, well, I just decided to take a break from something I wasn't enjoying at the time, rather than feed into negativity.

whiskers65 said...

Richard is not a relationship capable person. He has serious issues with jealousy and insecurity. He also is a cynical hypocrite. He planned with Price to do some meddling , Price of all people should be sitting in a jail cell yet was given a get out of jail free card by Mr Fox. Richard is someone I could never trust because he is a hopeless gossip and drama queen. Lose the dyed hair and maybe try and act like a human being instead of a flake who cant keep his mouth shut.

Ardenwolfe said...

Um . . . wow.

Yren Czenoxyga said...

Did we miss Richard's character development somewhere? I'm pretty sure he doesn't second guess other people's motivations as a supposed cynic.
Though we did see that he aligned himself with Price for a time, you can see that he regretted his actions, when it turned really serious for a moment.
I can't say much about the repercussions for making a false report to police (anonymously?), but I would think police would have better things to do than hunt down the anonymous caller for having police show up and listen to Kristian's music collection.
In summary, I think Richard is as human as any other person in the bed and breakfast. To think he isn't "human" just because he doesn't fit into a certain schema of what or how a person should act denigrates society as a whole.. .have you seen how partisan politics has gotten lately??
Sure, personally you may not like him and rubs you the wrong way about everything, but to tell him how to live his life, no matter how fabulous or destructive your may see it, sounds a lot like the people who chant "Stop being gay!" Wherever a kaleidoscope/rabble/swarm of LGBT+ people appear in public.

Bud Morries said...


FINALLY, someone with some insight! Richard....Wow...Price should be in jail...


Iclabon72 said...

To judge him that harshly, honestly, just says more about the judge as a person...

You can see exactly why Richard is the way he is. From his appearance to his behavior, it's all a cry for attention because of relatable insecurities. And from what Ive seen, there has been some kind of arc with him where he's gone from "hopeless gossip and drama queen," to a person with a heart that's worth rooting for.

I will agree that at this point, Price is due some real karma, and he either suffers and learns, or fucks off, quite frankly. Where is it going with him.

And do we even know what Richard's natural hair color is?

Bud Morries said...

But....Whiskers hit the nail on the head! It's not often that someone here can shut me up with a post with very little to say but he did...Richard is getting EXACTLY what he deserves and I'd like to see Price get his too but he won't because he walks around naked which excuses bad behavior...