Thursday, February 15, 2018

My Valentine to the Legion

If you're at all familiar with my work, then you know I'm a huge Legion of Super-Heroes fan.
This is my little tribute/fan fiction/love letter to the Legion...the best super-hero group that
ever was, (or will be, since they're from the future!).


magickmagus said...

Even super heroes have their problems. Thanks Greg, keep 'em comming!

Anonymous said...

wow, Thanks for the bonus strip, Greg, even though I feel bad as I don't know who these superheroes ARE! ...HAA!! : ) me, they look like a shy Price, Disco Brad, Butch Richard, and Tara Reid playing Farrah Fawcett!! ha-HAAAA!

but, all artists, have to follow their passions, past and present, so, Thanks for the 'Super' gift!!

...(you betta) work that Flight strip, Greg!


Unknown said...

I have so many feelings about this that I have to write a list:

-- Thank you so much for the bonus strip. I love the LoSH, and it was such a treat to see them on your site!

-- Your Dream Girl is amazing. That shot of her in the third panel is perfect. As is your choice of costume for Element Lad.

-- I prefer Star Boy with his beard, but I'm not complaining.

-- I bet Element Lad and Chemical King could get up to some pretty weird stuff together. Which hopefully we'll see later? There's a little "1" in the corner of this strip which makes me think it's the first of (hopefully) many?

Keep them coming!

-- Thom H.

David Stewart said...

Those chairs they’re sitting in are just SO Mike Grell, it’s scary! . . . and the rest of the strip is pretty awesome as well.

Mark said...

Lovely! Thanks, Greg. I would have given a lot for a scene like this, back when I was reading the Legion as a gay teen. Colossal Boy was always my favorite (no, I'm NOT a size queen!), and I was pleased to see in some sketches included in The Great Darkness Saga digital graphic novel, that Keith Giffen had labeled him "handsomest male". I agree, Keith!

Greg Fox said...

Thank you for the kind words, folks... very much appreciated! I do hope to do some more of these in the months ahead, (when I can sneak away from my Kyle's B&B duties, which keep me pretty busy!).

di0genes said...

Element Lad and Chemical King are a natural fit, to be sure; but didn't he die stopping some future world war or other?

magickmagus said...

Good idea, Greggie. Do what DC and Marvel are too chicken to do. We want to see us represented in super hero comics. You're the only one we have!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet, and a clever application of Chemical King's powers!

DJ Rob C said...

Absolutely love it. Thank you.

Russell Burbage said...

Great fun! If you are ever interested, we'd love to have you do a guest post over at Legion of Super Bloggers! :-)

Eric Burns-White said...

I admit, I always kind of saw Chemical King and Element Lad working.

Also? I love seeing the Grell uniforms. I was around for the Adventure run, but the Grell era S&TLSH issues were the ones that most branded themselves in my brain as the 'real' Legion.

DJ Rob C said...

I was quite happy with Element Lad's original uniform, although I can see why it was updated.

There was never anything particularly amazing about the green/black costume though. Or any particular logic why the pink should change to green (not that there had to be!).

I stopped reading the Legion (and comics generally) in the'70s. I've since been catching up with what has happened since through (primarily) Legion World posts on FB. The pink 'update' of the green and black may perhaps be Jan's best costume - but then I hate the curly hair he seems to have acquired with the uniform. Fussy? Moi?