Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Episode # 492 - June 19th, 2018

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RBS7079 said...

...well hail HAIL, the Gang's ALL HERE!! ha-HAAA! : )

GREAT posting, Greg, I missed seeing the Gang all convene in a strip again; My fave, Price, may be gone, but seeing the elusive Rudy is a plus....and Man-o-MAN, is Eduardo looking MIGHT-E FINE!! >slurp<
...love the 'Hot Ass' comment, too, hoo-HAAA!! ;>

Alright; my comments for the posting:

I mentioned this previously, and I'm glad to see it come true.. Brad can-NOT try to get the B&B cast to suppress who they are; it is a GAY B&B, and who's to say Jaim-Jaim won't put two-and-two together?! I knew they would accept him, but they all NOW need to have an 'intervention' with Brad, about his OWN sexuality, which he CLEARLY seems to have issue with...

ALSO, Jaime seems to be shooting off some 'subliminal' talk of his own, too; 'I Love You', 'You're Like Me, Too'....Jaim-Jaim seems to need some 'navigation', and ONLY wants it Brad..how's it gonna work if Brad won't help Jaim'Jaim come out (a big IF), if he can't do it his own SELF?! : (

Anyhoo, Thanks Greg, you know how to "Bring On The Boys" (...Disco singer Karen "Hot Shot" Young's gay 1978 anthem....$5 if you remember THAT one....ha-HAAA!) ....pound me HARD, Slugger!!


ethan2chris said...

Brad is wrong to want to censor everyone's conversation ("Try to avoid the gay stuff," he says). Besides, is this to spare Jaime having to deal with homosexuality or because Brad is afraid it will lead to a blunt conversation with Jaime about his own orientation?

Anyway, Richard will never compromise on his personal "out there" style, and twitting Brad in going gay suits Richard's sense of mischief. He was already calling Jaime "Sweetie" in this page alone, and surely more will come.

On another note, I wonder if Greg has ever worked in romance comics. A long time ago, I worked at DC, on seven monthly books, and one of our priorities was getting really good-looking guys to match the good-looking girls. The best set would be Artie Saaf inked by Vinnie Coletta, though Saaf's people tended to look in their late twenties, and our readership was younger than that. Tony De Zuniga was the most artistic of our group (and he inked his own pencils), but his guys weren't really the hunks we needed. Brad would have fit in perfectly.

Unknown said...

First of all: House meeting! Yay!

And Price seems to be gone at exactly the right time. I can't wait until he gets back and blows his top about Brad's new friend.

Also, it's good that Brad is being confronted this way about some of his assumptions. Nice storytelling.

Second, @ethan2chris: What a cool job that must have been! What books did you work on? I have a small collection of romance comics (mostly Charlton), and I'd love to add some more DeZuniga to the mix.

-- Thom H.

ethan2chris said...

I worked on romance books only, except for a brief period with Wonder Woman when it was in transition. Also on gothic romances. It was certainly a livelier job than most, because the field attracts some eccentric personalities. Does the name Bob Kanigher mean anything to you? He didn't write for us, but he was around a lot, being amusingly weird.

Comics were stuck in a very low status slot then; people who never read them made the assumption that we were sub-literate. Stil, as with Kyle's B & B, our command of grammar, punctuation, usage, and so on was correct, whereas internet writing today, even on the most lordly sites, is embarrassingly faulty.

Greg Fox said...

Wow, pretty fascinating to hear about your experience working on romance books at DC comics! I'd love to hear more. To answer your question, I have a somewhat interesting history with romance comics. Back when I first started reading comics, I was strictly into the superhero stuff... I didn't "get" the attraction of the romance books, (which were only around for a short time during my earliest years of comic book reading, circa 1974-76). Much later on, I discovered some of the classic romance newspaper comic strips like Mary Perkins On Stage, and others, and I was blown away by the art and storytelling. Most recently, I was actually doing assistance work on a pretty well-known, daily romance comic strip, (one of the few left), until the artist retired. (Sorry for not revealing the title, but I'm supposed to be somewhat discreet about doing assistance work on other people's strips for major syndicates. E-mail me and I can tell you more about it). I guess at this point, you could say, I finally "get" romance comics... and when they're done right, it can be some of the most beautiful comics work ever.

Mark said...

I always like it when all or most of the cast is together, so it was fun to see the house meeting, even with Kyle strangely absent (we all know what he would have said anyway, though).

I'm still very leery of where this is going, as, like Kristian, religious people make me nervous. And I REALLY hope this isn't just a setup for "not all religious people hate gay people"...that's not a lesson I feel needs telling, especially in light of the recent Supreme Court decision allowing at least one baker to legally discriminate against gay people while hiding behind his hateful religious beliefs. Whenever someone tells me, "We're/they're not all like that", I tell them, "Don't tell me, tell the ones voting to take away my rights in statehouses across the country." I'm not at all interested in seeing Jamie lecture Brad about homophobia, or watch Brad learn a lesson in acceptance from someone who takes the bible literally. Christians are not a persecuted minority in this country, however much they whine about being one. They are the PERSECUTORS, the people who we've had to fight every step of the way for every fundamental right it's taken us hundreds of years to attain. Angel Steve aside, I'm not at all interested in seeing a smugly positive portrayal of a religious character - especially an evangelical christian - in a gay comic strip. The only thing I want out of any christian is an apology and a promise to be left alone.

Sorry to get on my soapbox for so long, but, as you may have guessed, I feel strongly about the terrible damage christians have done and continue to do to our community. I don't believe in characters like Jamie, who claim to believe every word of the bible, but ignore the parts they find inconvenient, like cafeteria catholics who ignore the church's teaching on birth control and abortion because they find them incompatible with their lifestyle. Even if Jamie is sincere in his (VERY) hard-to-swallow - given his religion - position on homosexuality, just by calling himself an evangelical christian, he lends moral authority to the main body of evangelical christians, who most definitely do NOT share his (again, unlikely) progressive views.

It also hasn't escaped my attention that Price is absent for this little drama, obviously by design. I don't generally have much luck trying to preguess Greg, but I'm assuming it's because he didn't want what would be obvious and immediate drama with Price to overshadow the story he's attempting to tell here, which leads me to believe it WILL be a short but tiresome lesson on tolerance, administered by someone with the least moral authority to give one, to someone who, if not the least in need of one, certainly would be better served by a different instructor.

Okay, end of rant. Hope I'm wrong about where this is going, but we shall see.

RBS7079 said...

@Mark: ...you got some valid points in your post; I was intrigued by your insight, I had to write up another post....

I, honestly, was apprehensive about a religious themed story-line, especially lead with a psuedo-closeted Brad; as I stated before, religion and homosexuality based discussions rarely intermingle well, and someone is bound to be irked about where a storyline can lead.

and, as Mark noted, Price is suspiciously absent; I'm hoping it's more to be based on Brad's closeness with Jaime..Price is hilarious when he becomes jealous, and he may do something VERY wrong to Jaim.

I trust Greg to touch on topics that resonates with the Gay community, and to know how far he can bring it; Sergei was a VERY controversial character, but he must've been liked enough, to come in 2nd (a CLOSE 2nd!) in the Man Of The Year 2017 poll!!

Greg is an ARTIST, so he sets the template of where it can go by his artistic desire; I hope it goes in a more controversial direction (say, Brad gets outed by Jaime / Price gets violent with jealousy / Brad's team hears about the 'setup' at the B&B, and has a 'discussion' with him, etc.), but it's up to Greg, and, he hasn't steered us wrong yet... : )

...oh, shoot, Mark, I promised myself I wouldn't run on; your post got me so worked up, you don't have to worry about your 'soapbox', I think I just stole it! ha-HAAA!! ; )


Troy said...

Thank you for noting the difference between Evangelical and Fundamentalist. I am a Gay Christian Evangelical myself of the Episcopal tradition. I have many times had to tell Fundamentalists how you cannot be both Evangelical and Fundamentalist at the same time. I have had to explain that if they were around in the times of Christ, how Fundamentalists would be Jewish and us Evangelicals would be the followers of Christ. You would be surprised how many Fundamentalists I have conversed with on this topic started to question Fundamentalism.

It is my hope that Jamie is straight and continues to be straight. Why? Because he would be my Straight (Christian) Brother, and it would continue to rile up others who still believe Evangelism=Fundamentalism which most of the house obviously does. I also hope the "I love you" was meant in a Christian way and given through the voice of Christ and not some "why don'tcha come up and see me sometime" kind of way.

BeShoo said...

@Mark, the court never ruled on whether the baker could discriminate or not. They just said (rightly or wrongly) that he received a biased hearing at the human rights commission. Everyone is entitled to a fair trial, so in that aspect I don't disagree with it, even though I think that the decision was very unfortunate.