Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Episode # 499 - September 25th, 2018

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RBS7079 said...

...hmmm, look at Brad's BIG pumpkins; I'd rather see Jaime's! ha-HAA!

BUTT,dirty joking aside, Brad has a VERY big decision to make, and I really think he should tell his parents first; what if they hear it on the news, or Brad's dad get hassled by some sports buddies!?
and, is he REALLY ready to be out? he can't even mention the actual word 'gay' to Kyle, and he's already had several intimate relations / relationships with men! AND. he's been at the B&B for SO long, and nobody asked about his living conditions?!

I'm also getting a suspicious feeling that something may go awry; this coming out preparation seem too pat....I hope it happens so Brad's storylines can be a bit more 'free' if you will(more 'I'm dating / screwing', and not so much 'woe is me, I'm can't come out of the closet..')

anyhoo, on with the show; I smell an anniversary coming, Greg, what's in store, hmmmmmm? Should I buy a jockstrap for Brad?

...nah, Price or Richard will probably steal it! ha-HAAA! ; )\


ethan2chris said...

This will seem heretical, but I don't think Brad should come out just yet. Coming out is generally thought of as entirely liberating, but it's anything but for the teenagers who get honest with hateful parents who then throw them out onto the street. Fifteen is too soon to have to fend for oneself and find shelter and a job.

I think coming out is liberating for those who have a strong sense of where they fit into the gay world, and Brad doesn't. Many details of the lifestyle that we take for granted puzzle him; he hasn't figured out yet where he fits into gay either personally or sexually. We remember how unprepared he was when Price made his move some episodes ago.

I'd say that people should come out when they know their family is ready to handle it, when they are confident that it won't unsettle their relationships at work. Brad almost certainly has no idea what his coming out will create. It could be a disaster. He has been spoiled by the easy acceptance of everyone in Kyle's world, but life isn't a B & B.

Brad's coming out could end be uneventful, yes. It could be enriching. But it could be a disaster. And he isn't ready for that. He's strong only physically. His feelings are tender and unready for significant challenge.

And there's no age requirement for coming out, is there? He needs to get out more first.

Mark said...

I get where you're coming from, Ethan, but lots of people (myself included) weren't entirely secure in their homosexuality before they started coming out. Coming out isn't the end of the journey to self-acceptance, it's just a signpost on the way. Judging by the way Brad has been discussing it with Jamie and Kyle, he's evolved a lot since we first met him, and if he's still a bit skittish about how he's perceived after he comes out, that's very normal.

Brad has a very strong support group at the B&B and allies in both current and former team members, so I think he can weather the adjustment. Given what little we know of his dad (have we met Brad's parents yet? I don't remember), I suspect he might have more difficulty there (which may be the real reason he's putting off his family). I do think it's a bit naive of Brad to imagine his family won't find out (presumably, they follow his career, and even if he's not the first out minor leaguer, he's still sure to generate some press, especially being so classically all-American). I think we might be in for some friction there.

I like this step for Brad, and I'd imagine it will go a long way towards making him more comfortable with himself and his housemates, after the inevitable awkwardness coming out always brings with eventually fades.

Greg Fox said...

Just wanted to add a quick note here about the upcoming episodes. In 2 weeks, instead of Episode # 500, there's going to be a special "Kyle's B&B Presents" episode commemorating the 20th anniversary of Matthew Shepard's death. (The episode will feature 2 Kyle's B&B characters, probably not the ones you'd expect!). And then, 2 weeks after that, will be the long-awaited 500th episode of Kyle's B&B, which will also coincide with the 20th anniversary of the comic strip!

Yes, back in 1998, Kyle's B&B actually premiered only weeks after Matthew Shepard's murder. I felt it was important to commemorate his passing with this special tribute episode, and also to not be celebrating the 500th episode at the same time. (And actually, delaying the 500th episode to late October allows it to coincide more closely with what was the original premiere date of the strip, October 26th, 1998).

RBS7079 said...

.....Oh, Greg, I'm so elated for the celebration of your strip; I feel VERY honored that you had a voice, and DID something about showing Gays in a positive light, and showing a more domesticated side of Gay lifestyle(s).

And, what's more, respecting the legacy of Matthew Shepard only shows that 'Kyle's B&B' is MORE than just a "Gay Strip", it can shine a light on serious topics that resonate with Gays, and keep it light while hitting home with topics that can cause conversation and change within the community, and, maybe among OURSELVES.

YES, others don't see past the bodies and jockstraps, but, no wheels are being reinvented here; I never had this at ALL when I came out, NOW, I think of the other young Gays around the world, reading your strip, and seeing that...you ARE NOT WRONG. WE LIVE. WE LAUGH. WE LOVE. we ARE.

Greg, my bubelah, have a VERY dear heart to do this for the loved ones of Mr. Shepard....I am SO proud of you, Chica!! : )

I remember reading your strip in Genre magazine, and was so immersed, I even got a subscription to the Mag....THAT didn't last long, but my love for your strip has, and I am glad you are STILL going strong and have so MUCH more to offer.

Brad coming out CAN probably open new doors your your strip, and I couldn't be more PSYCHED for you...can't wait for #500, bubbie!