Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Episode # 501 - November 7th, 2018

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RBS7079 said...

...Well, leave it to Greg to follow up a historic episode, with a heartwarming (and informative) episode....I didn't know Drew was Scottish / Irish! : O

...I just thought he knew he looked good in a kilt! ha-HAA! : )

I stated that the episode was heartwarming (and nether-region warmming, with Drew n' Lance's kilts...GRROWWWLL!), due to the fact that RUDY is back!

I do like that elder-gays are being represented in the strip; it's nice to look at Big n' juicy thangs like Drew (devastatingly handsome in panels
6 & 8, by the by), but, we do age, and, it is affirming that we can still live active lives and be surrounded by those who love and respect us, and help us out....

....especially when they all look spiffy as all get-out in those Kilts in
panel 8!! GRRRROOOOWWWWLLLL!! ha-HAAA! ; )


Mark said...

This is nice, and typically very sweet of Drew, but it made me wonder if Rudy has any friends his own age? I'm sure he lost many, many people during the epidemic; he would have been in his forties at the time, I'm guessing. Or was he a late-in-life gay who didn't come out until much later, and thus never developed any close relationships with any other gay people? I'd love to see a few episodes about Rudy's past.

Mark said...

Also, not to get too off topic, but congratulations to Massachusetts for enshrining protections for transgender folk in their constitution. I always say, it's maddening when the rights of a minority are put up to a majority vote, but it's always extremely gratifying when the majority does the right thing.

RBS7079 said...

@ Mark:

....hey Mark, I saw your first post, and just wanted to point out that Rudy was a VERY active gay (socially, at least) when he was younger; I'm at work, and not near my B&B books, but, he was a part of the Classic Fire Island scene and was close friends to 'aspiring' artist Andy Warhol, therefore attaining rare art from him, that was been Rudy's retirement savings!

I would LOVE a 'Rudy flashback', if Greg is interested in doing it; we can see how hot he was back in 'the day', and think of the classic settings Greg can draw!

...and, thanks for the political tidbit, it's nice to see 'Kyle's' posters can bring gay topics to politics, and it not get too one-sided, pointed, and's VERY gratifying!! : )

....just as much as Price's ass, that is!!
ha-HAAA, One Track Mind, have I! >: P


Sean Martin said...

Even Rudy has serious calves!!!!!

Mark said...

RBS7079: you're right...I remembered after I posted that Rudy's long-time partner died not long before he moved into the B&B, but I'd forgotten about the Andy Warhol connection, as well as the Fire Island discussion.

It really WOULD be fun to see Rudy in his heyday. PLEASE, Greg?

Dan41 said...

I don't normally like brown suits, but wow! My jaw dropped when I saw Drew in that brown suit top and red kilt, as RBS7079 said above, "devastatingly handsome"! I think I'm in lust!

RBS7079 said...

@ Mark:

....anything for you, babe, and I second the motion of a
Rudy Flashback "Rudy - The Fire Island Years, circ. 1974"
..hop to it, Greg! ha-HAAA!

@ Dan41:

..."I think I'm In lust"...I'm ALWAYS in lust, so, come sit by ME!
ha-HAA! >:p

...joking aside, it IS nice to see a more 'dapper' side of the B&B boys (I've never seen Lance look so debonair) and, them doing this for Rudy (& Drew's) heritage make them even SEXIER...

..aside from Price's ass, that is! or Jaime's, or Sergei's...
ha-HAAA!! One Track Mind, have I !! TOODLES! : )

magickmagus said...

I used to work for a Scottish shop and I can tell you wearing a kilt is no mean feat--especially in hot weather. Twenty yards of heavy wool fabric; I sweated in places I didn't think possible. I got sick of the customers asking what was under the kilt, so finally I told them one of the legends of Scotland.

Unknown said...

Drew has made mention of being from "hillbilly" stock a few times and they were generally from Scotland and Ireland. A background check could easily show if he's related to a clan although I don't recognize the tartan he's wearing. I suspect it's just a generic drawing, but awfully good at that.

Unknown said...

I love seeing Lance and Drew again. That last panel is so sweet.

Jack said...

Lance would make a MUCH more natural couple with Mattias, Kristian than Drew. #blackgayloverules#

Troy said...

I am very disappointed in the two of them. Why lie to Rudy? They should have been more honest saying "We decided that attending the festival with you would mean more to us." No need to lie or create a fake story, just be honest.

I cannot stand men or women who lie. I refuse to have any further contact with anyone who lies to me, about me, or to another in my presence irrespective of the situation.

If I was Rudy, I would have stopped in my tracks and went back inside, going with the Plan B that was already setup. When they came back to see what was wrong, then I would sit them down and explain how I hate lies and that I would rather they had told me the truth. I would then ask them to leave me alone for a while.

I mean I am 50 now, and sure I have younger friends, but man I have preached being honest and trustworthy to them all, and how tolerating dishonesty is how we as a nation got into the fix we have now, and how honestly is what will bring us back out of it.