Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Episode # 502 - November 20th, 2018

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Mark said...

Well, this is unexpected. Frankly, I was hoping for a longer run for the Price/Brad/Jamie triangle. Wondering if Brad's gonna make some big gesture before Jamie goes, and how that would go over?

Happy Thanksgiving, Greg! Grey pants!

RBS7079 said...

....YIKES, just as I expected! just call me 'The Amazing Krez-BS'!! ha-HAA!!

I felt that Jaime was going to go to loftier heights in a shorter timespan than Brad, because of acceptance of his religion, than Brad because of his sexuality; Brad may blame his coming out as a deterrent to his baseball career, and may cause some conflict in Brad... he should be concentrating on 'balls' of a different sort....hee hee.... ; )

But, I want Jaim-Jaim to STAAAAYYY!! I hate losin' interesting characters
that have become interesting (and HOT, to boot....mmm, Sergei...)

...Oh well, s'nice to see MIA characters like Delia again; she's a 'lil firecracker, ain't she?! ....yes, MA'AM!! ha-HAA! : )

...anyhoo, have a happy T-Day, Greg; I hope you enjoy the moments with your close friends n' family, and know THIS family enjoys the gift you give us....I'd probably enjoy the 'gift' of a great Jaime butt shot, before he goes!! ha-HAAA, One Track Mind, have I!! >; )

CHOW! (...on Thanksgiving!) : )

Barak Torvan said...

Really unfortunate--a young guy whose religious beliefs are similar to mine (wonder if he is also Episcopalian?) leaving before his character was completely flushed out. Sigh.

RBS7079 said...

....Hey all, I'm having a red wine Sunday, and thought I'd just type a bit...inebriated-ly... (:p)

- This was a nice run with with the Jaime character; one of Greg's Facebook fans mentioned something about 'people who come into our lives for a reason, then leave'...with Jaim-Jaim, I believe Brad FINALLY had someone who made him look into HIS SELF, and maybe, he can live a more honest life...and, have someone beside him to share it with.

I STILL love Price, but even if he's NOT the 'One' for Brad, NOW, Brad will be free to find someone and not live with lies (..look, now he has to tell his parents about Delia-relationship ruse...)

- ...speaking of "The One"...WHEN will we see a Gay Marriage happen at the B&B?! Kyle and Breyer (..missing AGAIN), have been together for awhile, how's 'bout making it legal?

Breyer can become an U.S. citizen by union, move into the B&B, and we can see more of him again! and, what about Nick & Dave? they're ENGAGED! and, Drew & Lance have become the most mature couple at the B&B...what about a sexy kilt-inspired wedding for them(..if the religion allows)? OR,Sergei & Jake can make an announcement...
...c'mon Greg...ha-HAAA!! : )

- AND, I'm now noticing this....WHERE IS EDUARDO?!! Our latin boy has been seasoning VERY nicely, and has become a MAN (he looked 'muy caliente' in ep.#492)... how's 'bout a sexy 'lil storyline for HIM? I wanna see that sexy facial hair he grew awhile back in ACTION! ; )

...so, can't wait for the next post; I do believe a certain 'Rock Angel' may be stopping in for a visit..hmmmm...ha-HAAAA! : )

...OOP, glass is gettin' empty...'till next time, CHOW-CHOW!