Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Episode # 540 - May 5th, 2020

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RBS7079 said...

....Well, gurl, If you don't KNOW! .... s'not news to US, but the shocked queen in panel 7, is CLEARLY living for the DRAMA!! 😱..ha-HAA!!

..Oh well, 'til next time for THAT...let's peruse the crowd, to see who's hot, and who's HOTTER...😛

- STEVE!! (panel 5); ..It's lovely to see an 'Angel' amongst angels...maybe he can 'wish upon a star' for NO DRAMA, from Nick's relative!

- MANNIS (panel 2); ...blimey, those calves can bowl ye o'er, mate...or cause ye ta 'blow' him, under ye blasphemous kilt, ye wanker, Rich!🤬

- JEFF (panel 4); ...Man, Robin Hood never looked so rugged...Jeff's sturdy thighs under those sheer tights, grrrrr...and, Njord & Matthias, too..P.S., why does Matt (pnl. 4) look like Isaac, from "The Love Boat"!? ...ha-HAAA! >hestillfoinetho<

- Nick's Mom (panel 4) seems to be throwin' shade at Miss, St. Cloud; 😒 ..she flew in from LONDON, see gonna be SEEN in that dress!! ...ha-HAA!! >fogit-you<

...well, everyone seems to have shown, so we'll wait to see the hi-jinx Nick's 'paesanos' will start up with...good thing 'large Russian Man there' (Sergei; panel 7)...His large chest will stop festivity in TRACKS, no!? ...ha-HAAA!! >porcupinetitsdoitforme<


Ivan said...

For my wedding, my husband's best man's mother asked to come - until she heard I was a man. Her son talked to her as he too is gay. It brought up some interesting conversations between them.

Ultimately, she did come and looked a little nervous at first. After the ceremony (and a few glasses of prosecco), she had a great time. In fact she danced all night and thanked us on such a wonderful event.

I'm glad we could show her that a wedding isn't any different if it involves 2 men.

Unknown said...

Now that's what I call a cliffhanger! Can't wait to see how that plays out.

Also, I love the idea that a bunch of hyper-muscular men are all dressed in Ren Faire costumes to attend a wedding. It's like a really weird circuit party?

-- Thom H.

RBS7079 said...


...that's lovely, that your Hubby's BM's Mommy can changes her ways, when it comes to her 'old fashioned values'....drinkin' n' dancin' usually does the trick, We Gay Men have been doin' it, for DECADES!! ...ha-HAA!!🥳

CONGRADS, on your marriage, sounds like ya got a good one; can you spare a cup O' processo, by the by!? ...Mannis' legs got me a lil' TWITCHY!🥴 ...ha-HAAA!!


RBS7079 said...
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WranglerMan said...

Looks as if the old crow is a Maid, and unfortunately all those good-looking men in tights will pass her by, so she must now spoil everyone's fun!

Can't wait to see how this is resolved.

magickmagus said...

Yes Greg, you really know how to hang those cliffs.
But you really know how to horrify as well.

Nick's family is uncomfortably like my own. The least little thing and you get a tidal wave of drama.