Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Episode # 550 - October 6th, 2020

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Mark said...

Totally in character for Mopey Jake. Lives to be miserable.

RBS7079 said...

....КОНЕЧНО!! ...Ed doesn't believe him for ONE BIT!! ..ha-HAAA!!
Well, THIS one hits me on a personal level... I myself, was in a relationship ('97'-'06) with a wishy-washy type; SSSSSMOKIN' HOT Body, Tom Selleck-y Tits, 6'3", and Icy blue eyes...THAT MATCHED HIS HEART!☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

..Finally got him to commit, where after ELEVEN YEARS, He asked me to move in with him...then.....

...He MOVED, and didn't TELL ME!! >gasp<😨 ...only to find out, he moved to Queens, in a Apt. complex...get THIS, Girls...ACROSS THE STREET FROM HIS EX!😱

...I find out, give'im Holy HELL, He gives Me, '..we have a bond', 'I've never stopped loving Him', 'You can't throw the Love away..'....Ya DAMN sure threw ME away!! ...He gave me his CD Collection, a year later, and he was like A T-O-T-A-L Stranger to me....👎😒

...See, Girls!? I took the 'Sergei' approach; If you're gonna be like that WITH Me, I can't take that, from YOU. PERIOD.

...Anyhoo, back to the strip! ..ha-HAAA!! ...NOW, The Guys:

- BREYER: HOT in the Gray tights / shorts, nipples blazin', but, comes off a little insensitive here with Sergei, still smartin' from the breakup..

- EDUARDO: He doesn't seem to believe Serg, seeing that he himself was in a relationship with Jake...Is he gonna get to the bottom of this!??

- SERGEI: ELATED He's back at the B&B, but, lets find out WHY, 'cause this aura of mystery is lagging the story-lines of the others, who have interesting backstories, TOO...

...OOP! I hope that didn't sound mean! ..Oh well, fresh wounds, ha-HAAA!! ...I'M ALLRIGHT, now, don't ever worry 'bout ME! 😸>KennyLogginssaiditBEST<


JM said...

I fucking knew it!!

and tell Eduardo to grow a vagina if he wants to be the gossip girl of the B&B

magickmagus said...

In case any of you are wondering, the Russian word Sergei uses is Russian for "sigh." Poor Sergei is a typical Russian who thinks suffering is good.

Unknown said...

I love that Sergei even sighs in Russian.

Also, I'm here for the breakup drama, although I'm not sure if I'd prefer Sergei was lying or if he wasn't. I think I'm mostly just glad he's back.

Finally, the art is delightful, especially in panels 6 and 9. I like the subtle effect of having leaves falling throughout the strip.

-- Thom H.

WranglerMan said...

Okay, RBS7079, first to you...

Your lover had "tits." 🙀

Are you sure you're gay? 🏳️‍🌈🤔

And then he committed the unpardonable sin of moving to Queens? 👎🏻

Didn't he know that Williamsburg and Greenpoint would become the hipster places to be? 😎

Now for the strip...

The unpardonable sin is Jake leaving that Russian bear with the Hockey Butt!! 😡

RBS7079 said...


'...Are you sure you're gay?' ....weeelll, remembering all the filthy things WE did, around the Brownstone...uhhh, YEAH! ...ha-HAAA!!🤤

...AND, they were TOM SELLECK 'tits', not Raquel Welch 'tits', thankUverrymuch....ah well, TomAto, TomAHmo, same "end" result🍅...ha-HAAAA!! ...MEOW!!😸(XXX)

...I can laugh 'bout it, NOW; How many Gay Men can say, 'my Ex has so fearful of breaking up with me, that he MOVED'!?? ...ha-HAAA! ...AND We were both NERDS, so the hipster joints wouldn't take kindly, to our blasting of our "Helen Reddy's Greatest Hits" CD!! (RIP) ...ha-HAAA!!😆 >thataintnowaytotreatalady<

...anyhoo, I'm OFF, for the NEXT Hockey BUTT in mah life...It's been awhile!!! 🏒((🍑))🤪..TOODLES!!