Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Episode # 205 - May 22nd, 2007

Just CLICK on the episode image, at left, to view it at FULL SIZE.
Well, this is a first. The Kyle's B&B website provider seems to be having some problems today; the website is still up & running, but I cannot access it to update it with the latest episode of the comic strip. Meanwhile, the other place I post the new episode of the strip, Comic Space is also having difficulties today. The whole site is down! So, what is one to do to see the newest episode of Kyle's B&B? Well, I have posted it here on the Kyle's B&B Blog! If you click on this image above, it should give you a view of the new episode at it's regular, larger size. (Don't try reading it at this size, you'll miss out on all the detail!). Click on the pic!

UPDATE: It's official...I'm going to be posting new episodes here on the blog for the foreseeable future. This has worked out so well, with virtually no one writing to complain about having problems viewing the new episode, (unlike where I used to post it), it'd be crazy to go back to the old way. So, be sure to stop back here on June 5th-6th for the next episode!


Angelo Ventura said...

Sure hope Kyle's above some weird music tastes!

peter said...

Richard and his big mouth will have us in stitches in 2 weeks time... unless Greg decides differently ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh common, you know they don't belong to Breyer! He has a sentimental attachment to their previous owner. I am guessing a sister who passed away. They better not make fun of him! They will end up embarrassing themselves! Sheesh the possibilities ... lol

Thanks for posting it here,


Frank said...

Necessity is the mother of invention ... I like getting the strip in the blog. Plus, we get to comment on it. ;-)


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Captain and Tennille? I like their music. LOL!

Anonymous said...

The strip seemed to load much faster from the blog. I, too, like being able to comment on it.

Steve said...

What a fun opportunity... The strip was so funny this week. I also hope that Kyle will just talk to Breyer about it. Just ask, where did it come from? HEHEHE!

The strip is a cool deal. I enjoy reading every 2 weeks. The guys seem very natural. It is nice to see that you have balance in the strip-there aren't just "pretty" boys in it.

Greg Fox said...

Thanks, everyone, for the comments! I have to say, I think it was a fortuitous accident, (or as Frank put it, "necessity is the mother of invention"), that I had to use the blog to post new episodes this week. I believe this is the first time in, like, forever, that I haven't had anyone writing to complain that they had problems viewing the episode. It seems to load fast & correctly here, so I just may be posting new episodes here from now on, (I'll still maintain the regular Kyle's website, of course, but the episodes will be here on the blog).
Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Enjoy the sun, the rain starts this Thursday and stays and stays and stays and stays ....


buff said...

Breyer can be forgiven. What a great set of buns he has.

I really enjoyed this installment, Greg. Kind of reminds me of a very bad experience I had one Memorial Day weekend at a gay resort in the Poconos. Just picture this, 50 degree weather, raining constantly, and Judy Garland's Over the Rainbow blaring repeatedly from someone's cabin. Even I would have cherished some Captain and Tenille that weekend.

Speaking of cute butts, there were plenty du jour at IML 29 this past weekend. Was fortunate to head out there and experience all that is IML. It's Kyle's B&B on steriods, the entire Palmer House hotel packed full of man meat. Definitely an overload of manly sensations and visual delights.

Thanks again for always making my day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Greg,

Are the new episode releases going to be switching to Wednesdays now, instead of Tuesdays (see #205 was as such and #206 this a.m. on Tues. 06/05)? No biggie, just wondering, bud!

Rob S.

Greg Fox said...

Hi, Rob,

How are you? No, Tuesday is still the day for new episodes, (hey look, I got the new one in just under the wire!). Reason it's a little later in the day this time is because of this whole Lambda Legal Contest thing, (see the posting for details), and reason it was a day late last episode was, well, because of this whole new move to the blog thing!