Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Episode # 206 - June 5th, 2007

Hey, we're sorry.... this episode is no longer posted online. But you can see it in the second
Kyle's B&B book collection "Kyle's Bed & Breakfast: A Second Bowl of Serial".   Which
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Also, if you want to see the strip from the very beginning, you can order the first book collection,
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Anonymous said...

I voted for you because I like your style in drawing and quite often in writing too (the episode in which Kyle and Breyer meet for the first time is an all-time favourite), but Matt's strip was a very close runner-up.

Anonymous said...

Oh, haha, by the way (this is still the "anonymus" above) the twist to justify Breyer's taste in music is so funny and cute. That's what I like of the schmaltzy American naivety of your work: if you don't hate it you have to love it. Keep the good work.


Anonymous said...

...aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww...... *warm and fuzzy feeling inside*


Anonymous said...

did the vote thingy and love the way Kylle handled this SHOCKING discovery lol.

Let us know if you won. Good luck!


buff said...

Definitely food for thought. Yes, someday we won't have to think about, "what if", because it will become reality. In the meantime, we celebrate what we as gay men and lesbians have won, and be reminded, of what is left for us to win, to live equally in the country.

Greg, wishing you the best of gay prides. Hoping you enjoyed yours today. Mega hairy muscle hugs, my friend and best featured cartoonist around, period.

P.S. I just voted for you as well. A well deserved honor being nominated.

Lorraine said...

What's this? Now I'm leaking all over my desk! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

(#1 anonymous... yet again)
Damn, buff is right: it's Gay Christmas Advent!
So when will the cool Lambda thing be decided?

The One and Only Ridor said...


Thank you for the latest strip. I like Kyle being with Breyer. Don't lose Breyer.