Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Episode # 221 - January 1st, 2008

Hey, we're sorry.... this episode is no longer posted online. But you can see it in the third Kyle's B&B
book collection "Kyle's Bed & Breakfast: Hot Off the Griddle".   (This is the first Kyle's B&B book
to feature FULL COLOR episodes!). By the way, if you prefer Kyle's B&B in black & white,
there is also a special black & white edition available of the third book, too!

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Additionally, if you want to see the strip from the very beginning, you can order the first two book collections,
"Kyle's Bed & Breakfast" and "Kyle's Bed & Breakfast: A Second Bowl of Serial".
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A New Year, a new day, and a new episode of Kyle's B&B to start the year off right! I hope you had a happy & safe New Year's celebration, and I wish you all the best in 2008. There are some exciting things coming in 2008 for Kyle's B&B... including the fact that starting with Episode # 224, (only 3 episodes away!), Kyle's B&B will officially go FULL COLOR!!! (But don't worry... if you prefer the black & white version of the strip, I will continue posting those, too, in addition to the color ones).

I'm so glad you were able to stop by and start off 2008 with your friends at Kyle's B&B!


Anonymous said...

There's a leather bar called "Eagle" in Barcelona too: are all popular leather bars in the world called "Eagle"... or is it some trademark and franchise?

Anonymous said...

Brad is asking "way to many questions" looks like he's going to ruin a good thing cause is needle is stuck on Jeff.

Anonymous said...

^ Maybe it is that Brad substituted a "best thing" for some "good thing".

As far as we know, Brad's crush-list is composed of the SC cracker (the guy in question now), a silly fop (Kyle), the silly spaghetti, the stud nurse... considering he was 19 in 1998, it's about time in 2008 he realized what he really wants.

peter said...

Greg, have a great 2008!

Thanks for all the joy you're bringing, including Kyle's B&B

Griffin said...

To the anonymous post above,

I don't think Brad being 19 in 1998 indicates he's 29 now. The characters in the comic strip don't seem to be ageing in regular time. Eduardo's still a college kid, Brad's still in the minor leagues. OK, it may not be like Archie comics where no one ever ages, but it think it's more like 3 or 4 years have passed.

Anonymous said...

sadly, i agree that brad is going to ruin his relationship with matthias. i smell a breakup coming. and is it just me or have we ever seen brad happier with a boyfriend? where's kyle or richard to give brad some needed unsoliciated advice?

Master Nelson said...

Leather is VERRRy hott and everyone knows it! The best suit is one of tight denim jeans and leather chaps. yummmm.
Any kind of personal item, no matter its size (does size count?) is acceptable.
The aroma and feel are the real turn-ons. Leather club guys hail back to the end of WWII when they clung together right out of the sevice in defeating the fascists. These guys found themselves in need of personal freedom and gravitated to motorcycles - the life style simply grew organically. Look around you, some of your best and most notable friends are leatherMen.
Additionally, the idea of a superior Man and His inferior sub is also verry hott. Try it, you'll like it -- it's not all whips and chains -- but that's fun too!
Master Nelson.

Angelo56 said...

Happy new year and compliments for the great strip!

Anonymous said...

griffin, just count the Christmas Holidays, Thanksgiving and all that... they may not be the ones going from 1998 to 2008, but they surely are something like 10... or are they in some cartoon-loop and the different seasons are always in fact the same seasons?

Master Nelson said...

OK, I have had enough of this!
What happens to the real life characters in between the cartoons?
Don't they ever go to Denny's or Penny's or Star Bucks or the Mac?
I mean, do they just stay frozen on the "boards" until next time? Surely they must have other interests beside stiffly talking into balloons? Or do they really live in Brigadoon?
DBDBDBDB (cue Rod)
"Kyle's about to get a rude awakening when he steps out of his front door, and there is a real world out there - not just a cartoon panel. (talent freezes)
DBDBDBDB Plink! (fade to black)
Love, Nelson.

Anonymous said...

master, it's not about reality and fiction, it's a question of mere sequential coherence.
Try loosing a bit your leather straps and maybe the blood will flow better to allow you think more clearly.

Anonymous said...

I guess opening the message board means you will end up getting the same senseless bitch arguments that plague all gay message boards.

Thanks for keeping up the tension in the comic, Greg, Never a dull moment.

Yesterday we hit 68 degrees. Try to keep it warm, I am heading back to LI over the weekend and I don't want to see rain or snow or traffic!

Anonymous said...

I guess opening the message board means you will end up getting the same senseless bland platitudes that plague all message boards.

buff said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOF and a very Happy New Year to you, Greg.

Jeff is definitely starting the New Year off right.

Great plug for the L.I.Ravens, one of the all time best gay biker groups around.

It's great seeing a hot hairy muscle leather dude illustrated in all of his manly glory in the strip.

Jeff will love the leather community, I can tell.

Maybe there can be a storyline later in the year about him going to IML 30 in Chicago on Memorial Day weekend.

Mega hairy muscle hugs.

P.S. I really like the new question and answer feature. Greg, I really appreciate the time you devote to being accessible to your fans. A great personal touch.

Anonymous said...

If Brad goes out on Matthias, I'm gonna be pissed!