Friday, January 11, 2008

Reader's Forum Friday!!!

Welcome to a new feature here at Kyle's B&B ... I was actually going to call this "Reader's Question of the Week", or something like that, but I thought that "Reader's Forum Friday" would open it up a bit more, and enable me to develop the concept as it goes along.

In any case, I thought it might be fun to use this one day a week to answer several random reader's questions, as I tend to get a lot of e-mails asking me all sorts of things about the strip. This way, y'all can learn a little something about the strip each Friday you may not know yet! (Or you can correct me if I'm wrong!).

Because this is the first week I'm doing this, I figured I'd use 2 questions from several regular readers: Griffin, (a frequent commenter on this blog), and Sean Sullivan, (who also happens to live nearby here on Long Island). Sean, never having a lack of questions for me about the strip, was glad to provide the following question:

"Is Dave still residing at the B&B, or has he moved in with Nick yet? And is Breyer still living in the apartment over Nick's Garage, or has he moved back to the B&B to be with Kyle? And what is the current official lineup of residents at the B&B?".

OK, that's actually three questions, Sean, but who's counting? Here's the answers:
1. Dave is still at the B&B, (although I'm sure he spends a fair amount of overnights at Nick's).
2. Breyer is still in the apartment at Nick's Garage, (although I know he spends a lot of overnights at the B&B, to be with Kyle. And, as we've seen recently, Kyle spends some overnights at Breyer's apartment, too, as when he came across Breyer's hidden CD collection).
3. The current lineup of full-time residents at the B&B is: Kyle, Brad, Lance, Richard, Eduardo, Matt, Dave, and Jeff. Which still leaves 2 rooms vacant for short-term guests and new arrivals. I do have to say, though... this current lineup, 8 guys, may actually be the all-time high for full-time residents at the B&B.

And here's Griffin's more succinct question:
"What is Eduardo studying in college?"
He hasn't declared a major as of yet. I think his progress in college is going slowly, as he's not attending full-time, and he's been working lots of hours at his job at the Thatched Cottage, (a local, real-life, very gay friendly catering hall that is known for hosting many glittering, high-profile Long Island gay-community events, as well as a bunch of gay commitment ceremonies). And then, he's also doing a fair amount of modeling for figure drawing classes, which I believe, at this point, has become more than just being a "fill in" for Jean-Pierre.

Well, there you have it! If you'd like to have a question featured in an upcoming week's Reader's Forum Friday, just e-mail me at with your question. Please put Reader's Forum Friday in the subject line of your e-mail, and also let me know in the e-mail how you'd like to be credited on the website, (full name, partial name, pseudonym), and whether or not I can publish your hometown and/or country.


Bobby said...

Love the idea of this, and I have several questions to ask for future editions. However, not to nit-pick, but, shouldn't it be "Readers' Forum Friday"? Or "Readers Forum Friday"? The way you have it, ("Reader's Forum Friday"), refers to a singular reader.

Anonymous said...

I like it when you include details from Long Island. Are there gay B&Bs in Long Island proper or just in Fire Island? I would like to hear more about the community/town. What kind of people live there? What is their reaction, if any, to the B&B. Also, how is the couple who adopted a child doing?

This is a pretty cool idea. Sort of like the J K Rowling telling us what happened to the HP characters after the last book.


teaspoon said...

hey i just thought i'd say that i love your strip and i love this idea of having like a question and answer place. i've been a dedicated reader for like, over a year so i just thought i'd say you're awesome and i love your strip!

Dinosaurus said...

I love that Kyle's has gotten a dog... As a B&B owner myself, a dog is a wonderful addition for the place... I find that many guests come back to see the dog more than me. I might question the advisability of a husky honestly... they can have quirky dispositions, and they have fur.. as in dander, and can be allergy problems for guests... the dog at my B&B is a toy poodle... small, unassuming and hypo-allergenic, he makes a wonderful addition to the property.

Dean Clark - B&B owner in Ashland OR and Kauai, HI

Anonymous said...

I was also thinking about allergies. But if that presents a problem, at least Kyle will be invested in finding a real home for the dog.

I also agree that a husky is not the best dog to have at a B&B. Not always the friendliest of dogs, lots of fur issues, high energy component,