Friday, April 18, 2008

Poll Results: "Who is your Supporting Character Dream Date?"

Well, the votes are in, and who came out on top, as the #1 most desired dream date amongst all of the supporting characters in the comic strip?

Who else, but the hairy-chested, southern-fried, leather-clad, former baseball catcher, present nurse who you just know gives the most enjoyable sponge baths? That would be Jeff Olsen, South Carolina's finest, now taking up residence at the B&B for what looks like may be his longest, (and most tumultuous!), stay so far!

Being that Kyle Graham was the #1 pick in the last poll, (most desired dream date amongst the main cast), and Jeff is now established as the most desired dream date from the supporting cast... doesn't it seem like it would be appropriate for the two of them to go out on a date together?

Well, could be quite a bit of fun, but.... Kyle won't be doing any dates with Jeff for the foreseeable future, as we all know that Breyer & Kyle are a well-established couple. And, as we've all seen most recently, Jeff seems to have his hands full with the Brad-Matt-post-breakup crazy love triangle mess.

Of course, as long-time readers of the comic strip know, Kyle & Jeff did have an intense, (though brief), romantic moment during Jeff's very first visit to the B&B! I won't give it away if you haven't seen it yet, but it involved a couch, some kissing, and some very tight boxer shorts!

In any case, congrats to Jeff for his win, and here are the final results for all characters in the poll, (more commentary will be below):

Nick Ferrelli
20 (6%)
Dave Yager
20 (6%)
Matt Allen
28 (8%)
Jeff Olsen
112 (34%)
Delia Armstrong
1 (0%)
Andrew Jiang
40 (12%)
William McGrath
1 (0%)
Breyer Watkins
86 (26%)
Jean-Pierre Chevignon
17 (5%)

Ultimately, it came down to pretty much a 2 man race, between Jeff & Breyer, with Andrew Jiang showing up a distant third. (Andrew was kind of like the John Edwards of the democratic party!). I was surprised Matt didn't place higher, (he did OK; he's in 4th place, but nowhere near the numbers of Jeff & Breyer). I was also expecting more from Nick, always a reader favorite. Delia & William tied for last place, with an unfortunate one vote a piece! I was surprised about that for Delia, (where are all the female readers who claim to love her so much?). And not so surprised about William; many readers didn't even know just who exactly William is, (for the record, he's Andrew's boyfriend/partner, and hasn't had all that many B&B appearances).

If you're still wondering about which characters are which, I invite you to check out the Meet the Cast page, where all of the main cast & supporting cast bios & pics are. (Except for William, who didn't actually rate a bio of his own. Perhaps I'll have to change that; I kind of like William!).

Thanks for your participation in the poll; be sure to stop back on Tuesday for the next episode of the comic strip, (and perhaps another poll, before then!).


Anonymous said...

I actually would like to see again the Irish almost-priest that had a brief but intense relationship with Lance, that was an interesting character (even if in this moment I don't remember his name, darn)!

And actually, my supporting character dream-date, pity he was not in the choices (besides, he is definitely more representative than William...)

Luca said...
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Anonymous said...

...and if I can suggest a poll, I would say "Which "one shot" character would you like to see again?"


Anonymous said...

Olsen? Date?! Yuck!!
For a two-hour rentguy job he might do, but what kind of conversation can you expect from that carrot airhead?


Anonymous said...

PS.- I agree with the first post above, and I'd much prefer to sink into the Irish priest's red pubis rather than fondle Olsen's.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't see that coming; Jeff the winner. LOL. Now I have to pull out the book and start from page one and enjoy the strip all over again to see that brief encounter. I think the guy that stole Lance's heart name is Sean? To this day I can't get it out of my head that panel of those two standing together. I like the polls and it feels good to be part of such a community here on the web that likes the strip as much as I do! I have one last word, anticipation (hope I spelled that correctly)!

Marc said...

My dream date is the Italian heartthrob that bewitched Brad -- Vincenzo. He's dreamy!

Anonymous said...

ok... I think I am the one who voted for William. Yes, please, include him in the Bios!

Anonymous said...

Darn, how did I miss my chance to vote for Andrew... He'd be my dream date. Any chance another Asian or Pacific Islander character might show up. I know, this is the white white white northeast, and there is probably only one Asian per 10,000 square miles allowed to meet local ordinances...