Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Episode # 239 - September 23rd, 2008

Hey, we're sorry.... this episode is no longer posted online. But you can see it in the third Kyle's B&B
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Stasi said...

Has anyone noticed that the episode number 239 matches the date that it was posted - 23rd of September, 23/9???? lol

Lance said...

Glad to see Dave's back in the strip again. As a marketing professional, I appreciated the stupidity/patronizing attitude of the account executive towards Dave.
I cannot believe the ignorance and incompetence of some executives in the business community. Greg, you always capture the essence of people so well!

Lucas said...


...and from secondhand experience through a family member...very well captured, Kyle!

Anonymous said...

I adore Dave and I'm sooo glad to see him back. It's really been too long!

Well done!

Starr said...

I'd forgotten Dave's skiing past. Had to look thru the archives (#208, 7/3/2007, Dave & Nick doing laundry, Nick asks about Dave's skiing t-shirts. Dave even mentions Bode Miller & Stefan Bennett). As others have said, great to see Dave back in the picture again.

Anonymous said...

You do realize in the real world that would never happen right? For one thing Dave wouldn't be repairing that lap top right there while that meeting taking place. He would be at his work station doing it.

For those who are going to argue that the laptop belong to one of those in the meeting. What would happen is that it would have been take care of through their assistance

KateKintail said...

Way to go, Dave! This episode was great!

Regarding the computer fixing... I've done troubleshooting on laptops in the same room as meetings before... but that was a small organization, onsite where I didn't have a separate work station, and a very rare occurrence. This situation wasn't unbelievable for me, though. Convenient plot device or not, I still loved this one :-)

Jim (MO) said...

Great episode! Let's not nitpick about whether he would have been in the room... the message being sent (in my humble opinion) is that we shouldn't allow ignorance, prejudice or bias in the work (or overall) world! This applies to physical disabilities as well as race color, sexual preference, etc. It's geat to see Dave back. Let's see more of him! Jim

Troy Phillips said...

Actually, only in large companies with hundreds of users will you have a dedicated IT shop with dedicated employees to take your workstation to (or for them to collect it). Being an IT Project Manager for a smaller company, I will dispatch one of my server techs to the place where the computer is located to fix as we do not have a dedicated workspace in the server room--they have cubicles which do not have the space. So I did not find it contrived that he would have been in the meeting space at all--the size of the company was never indicated. Thanks to Greg for bringing back Dave--I really enjoy the character and would love seeing him in more situations. Plus the fact there are a lot of gay techs in the industry, but the straight guys seem to be all we hear and see from!

BZ said...

I am new to this. Is this just a comic or is there actually a Bed & Breakfast?

Matt said...

Hey, I hope things are going to be OK with the hurricane/storm heading your way. How IRONIC that it would be named KYLE. Maybe it will show up in the next episode? Stay safe and dry in the storm.

Angelo said...

One of your best tables!

Frederick said...

Second from the right in the eighth panel: Isn't that Sarah Palin?

Stasi said...

BZ: as far as i know, living in Australia, i think it is just a comic. a good one though :-)

Frederick said...

BZ and Stasi: I live about three miles from the town where Kyle's Bed and Breakfast is situated (Northport, New York) and have to report that it only lives in the imagination! One thing you'll like about Northport, however, is that the movie IN AND OUT, with Kevin Kline and Tom Selek, was largely filmed in Northport. The diner in it is right there on Main Street. (It was known as Otto's Shipwreck Diner at the time of filming and is now Tim's Shipwreck Diner. It's my favorite place to eat.) It really is an attractive town, right on the water. It had a significant history of rum-running during Prohibition.

Peter said...

I know that feeling. Ever since I landed in a wheelchair people think you're stupid and can't do things for yourself.

Hey, I have a problem with my feet and legs, there's nothing wrong with my mind!