Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Episode # 240 - October 7th, 2008

Hey, we're sorry.... this episode is no longer posted online. But you can see it in the third Kyle's B&B
book collection "Kyle's Bed & Breakfast: Hot Off the Griddle".   (This is the first Kyle's B&B book
to feature FULL COLOR episodes!). By the way, if you prefer Kyle's B&B in black & white,
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Lance said...

Looks like the hot daddy had the last laugh. I believe there is action to be had between Richard and Mark. Great social commentary, Greg!

Fran├žois said...

Great idea to have men from different generations face their differences.
Keep that up.

Stasi said...

hahaha good one

Anonymous said...

Fun episode!

Angelo said...

Fun and naughty!

Anonymous said...


Great work on Eduardo's muscle structure! Keep up the good work.

Also, I agree with the others on encouraging you to continue your subtle commentary on race, age, HIV, and body image.


Anonymous said...

Mark's right. The shorts that tennis and basketball players wear now are totally sexless and often downright ugly. With the short shorts players wore previously, you could see some nice asses and well-toned thighs. I'm thankful that rugby hasn't gone the baggy route. It's players still show off their hard bodies. Australian rules football is sexy too. Love those guys from Downunder.

Anonymous said...


Nicholas said...

Coming out in the 70's I can identify with Mark. This Baggy Look out to go the way of the hobbleskirt and the zoot suit. I can't tell where a guy's legs end and his ass begins nowadays! If you have a nice body, why cover it under yards of fabric? The only thing I can see these days is their equally hideous underwear. "My what charming underwear you have!" I really get dirty looks when I use that line!