Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Episode # 241 - October 21st, 2008

Hey, we're sorry.... this episode is no longer posted online. But you can see it in the third Kyle's B&B
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Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? Mark can just shout: "Alert! Naked man walking around the house!"
It's a gay group for Fuck's sake, it's not like he's going to walk past some Palin's Book Club. Sheeesh!


Anonymous said...

In a word:
Fantastic installment, Greg. I vote for more nude, shower scenes.


Angelo said...

Ha Ha, serves Mark well!

Anonymous said...

Right, z-maker, but with fresher glories :D

Anonymous said...

It's clear Mark is in fact a prude: look at his tan lines...


Anonymous said...

This is another stupid storyline!

Lucas said...

I really use to love this strip. It felt like an eternity between releases. Now, I feel it's a lot like QAF in the last few seasons. There's a list of required gay topics that have to be covered, they are being ticked off the menu and then moving on.

STD story - Check
HIV/AIDS story - Check
Interracial dating - Check
May June Romance - Check

Anonymous said...

I agree that this is a boring story line and the biracial plot had potential but sizzled down quickly. But I can't fault Greg for covering STD, HIV, interracial couples, or May-June romances. It IS a gay comic strip. What else should he cover? PTA's budgets? Car pools to little league games? pot luck lunches at the office?


Anonymous said...

Whew! Seems like the effects of the election and the economy are creeping into here for the guys to leave comments like these! Calm down boys and just enjoy the comics!

Anonymous said...

tyvek, nasty election climate or/and bad economy are not necessary to make gay people ("some" gay people if you want) go bitchy.


Anonymous said...

PS.- Hell, you don't even need to be gay to be bitchy.


Anonymous said...

ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz! This is getting to be redundant!
Come on Greg, GIVE THESE PEOPLE A PERSONALITY! At least the love triangle between Matt, Jeff and Brad had some twists! This is predictable and that's not someone being bitchy!

Sean said...

I like that this is following what looks like an ongoing theme with Eduardo, which is his attraction to older men. In previous situations, (with Kyle, Lance, and Nick), things didn't work out for him. Nick even identified the fact that Eduardo seems to be in search of a lost father figure.

While this current storyline with Mark appears to be adversarial, I get the feeling there are sparks flying between these two, and they're going to wind up in bed before too long. I hope Eduardo doesn't get too invested in Mark though, because Mark doesn't strike me as looking for "long term" anything. Nice to see him naked though, in this episode!


Anonymous said...

I'm rather enjoying the story line... Can't wait to see what Mark will do to get Eduardo back... or in fact where this will go.

Keep up the good work Greg :-)

Anonymous said...

The "storyline checklist" comment is unfair and inaccurate--both for Kyle's B&B and for QAF.
Both series happen to have characters who are HIV positive. That is not an "AIDS storyline"--that is dealing with the reality that there are people who have HIV, and telling their stories. If it was just an "AIDS storyline", then the person with HIV would be in a single storyline and then gone.

Kyle's B&B has a racially diverse cast, so the subject of interracial dating is inevitable, unless Matt, Lance, Andrew and Eduardo are all going to be celibate for the run of the series. Again, it isn't a "storyline"--it is dealing with the reality of life for these characters.

And Eduardo/Mark is not the series first May/December romance (assuming they do get involved). There was already a storyline between Kyle and Glenn, who was an older man (not quite as big an age gap as between Eduardo and Mark, but still a noticable difference, and one that was commented on in the story). So if this is a "required gay topic" that will be "ticked off the menu and then move on" then why do we have TWO such couples? Perhaps because Greg is writing about his *characters* and not "required gay topics".

chris said...

Call me immature, but I'm turned on (1) by seeing Mark naked in the shower while Eduardo is clothed, and (2) by the possibility of Mark being forced to walk naked into a roomful of clothed gay men. Would like to see THAT episode and how Mark handles it!