Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Episode # 244 - December 2nd, 2008

Hey, we're sorry.... this episode is no longer posted online. But you can see it in the third Kyle's B&B
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Anonymous said...

Nice story line but kinda out of line with the current global international crisis.

Anonymous said...

Beginnings of a good story, but why isn't the account manager in on this meeting to welcome Dave to the team. Presumably, from your story line, he talked to them more than just once. Otherwise, if you're going to have a scene where he gets into the moody room of the other members on the team resenting his presence, you will have gone totally out of the realm of business reality.

Anonymous said...

I don't care about realism at all, I adore Dave!

Every reason to see him in the strip is a good one for me. PLEASE MORE!

Anonymous said...

I love Kyle's BnB, but it needs to be longer!! Think about doing a comicmag that would be awesome, the stories could be longer and filled in more!!

Anonymous said...

Nice Plot intro and character expansion, Greg. Keep doing what only you can do (which is very well, IMO).
And Happy Holidays to you. :)

Best Regards,


the one and only ridor said...

I'm Deaf. So obviously, I'm disabled to many -- so far, I noticed that the story focusing on Dave, Dave seems to have it "easy" -- he seems to have everything going for him -- boyfriend, home, employment, friends, promotion ...

Nothing is far from the truth these days. Maybe Greg Fox has not *experienced* a day as a disabled individual who had to endure tons of ignorance/discrimination from people in general ... but it is extremely rare for disabled individuals (especially for Deaf people) to get raises, bonuses and promotions in for-profit sector (let alone getting HIRED in the first place -- which is why you see Deaf people working in government agencies, non-profit sector and educational sector!). Somehow, I'm irritated with Greg Fox's idea that being disabled will not garner any kind of discrimination ... that much.


Griffin said...


I respect what you're saying, but I have to say, I disagree with how you're characterizing Dave's portrayal over the course of his appearances in Kyle's b&b. In fact, he's been shown facing quite a bit of struggles since he arrived at the b&b. First, the rude treatment he received from some of his housemates, (Brad especially), and then his struggle to try to make his relationship with Nick work. There were several episodes where he spoke movingly about the discrimination and rejection he'd experienced in gay bars and from society in general, and about how he wasn't sure if he could ever have a romantic relationship. And then, more recently, getting his job at the ad agency, (do you remember seeing the one, on his first day, his co-workers actually accused him of being hired to fulfill a disability quotient at the firm!).

And even just a couple of episodes ago, when the nasty ad executives who he helped with the ski ad, referred to him as "the computer repair freak" and questioned how helpful a guy in a wheelchair could be on a ski ad campaign!

What I have admired most about Dave is how he has risen to each challenge along the way, and given it his best. The fact that in this current episode he is shown having some success, well, I'm happy for him. He's earned it, he deserves it, and I hope he has more.

Ridor, I'm not disagreeing with you about what you said about disabled people facing ignorance and discrimination in society. I do not doubt that at all. But I think Dave has been shown having a fair share of that himself. And I think that he's having some success now is a good thing.


the one and only ridor said...


We could debate this all night long. But I'll make this short.

Yes, Dave has encountered such negative experiences and obstacles but Greg managed to push him to "overcome" these hurdles and has successes. He has a boyfriend, job, friends, home and now a promotion.

In real world facing disabled individuals, that is not even remotely possible.

Look at me, I have a job (I think I outperform these friggin' hearies co-workers at work but there is no promotion so far) and an apartment but I still lack a boyfriend (It's that hard because gay men are incredibly discriminating, ignorant and assholes in general!) and yes, I have tons of Deaf friends but I have like about less than 5 hearing GAY friends mainly because people out there are similar to Brad's obnoxious approach to people that are not perfect like Brad.

I know I'm not the only one who experienced such things like that. My father was Deaf and he worked at Postal Office for 37 years before he retired. He was asked by his supervisors to train 4 individuals who went on to be his supervisors many years later. My father wanted to be the supervisor -- he was frequently bypassed by whom? Hearing people running the Post Office. What did my father do next? He filed a compliant with his union and EEOC -- and they literally dismissed his complaints mainly because my father do get an annual raise (To them, that is sufficient) and being bypassed for promotions does not indicate any discrimination -- to me, that is b.s.

And when I saw Dave being promoted -- I knew that was one just "happy ending" crap for Dave but that does not truly reflect people like me and my father out here on daily basis.

Again, I keep reminding myself that this is simply fiction out of Greg Fox's vision.


the one and only ridor said...

Again, remember my father filed a complaint with his union and EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and was dismissed. Again, who runs the union and EEOC? Hearies, of course.

And people wonder why Deaf people prefer to band with each other on daily basis rather than to venture out and build a bridge with these people out there, knowing that they will bypass, trample and denigrate their dignity in the process?