Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Holidays!

This time of year always seems to bring up strong emotions, doesn't it? (Good or bad ones...or a combination of both, I'll let you decide). One thing is for sure, unless you're living in a very remote area, you cannot escape the onslaught of the holiday machine, bearing down upon us, constantly questioning us if we really have bought all the right stuff, decorated in all the right ways, are wearing all the right clothes, are celebrating the holiday in question, (take your pick), with all the right people/family members/etc in the right place, with the right food, with the proper reverence, and, oh yeah, made sure you got all of your cards out to all of the people you need to on your list, (which, God help you, was updated properly this year!).

Kind of exhausting, isn't it?
I don't mean to be cynical. Certainly, what I wrote above was not meant to be an indictment of the holidays... it was more of a playful tease at all of the insanity which seems to crop up at this time of year. Truthfully, the holidays can be a warm, wonderful time, and I hope you get to spend them with those you love, having some fun and relaxation, and perhaps some spiritual renewal.
This year is clearly a different sort of a holiday experience for me; with my Mother's passing earlier this year, this will be the first Christmas I've ever spent without her, so I'm looking at having a quieter, more introspective couple of days. As I look back on this year, I'm struck with deep gratitude for everyone who reached out to me with comforting thoughts and words in the wake of her passing. It meant so much to me then, and it still does now.
If I learned anything this year, it's that being there for people in their hour of need is really one of the greatest things we can do. It's miraculous... it's angelic... and perhaps, it's why we're here.
I hope this Holiday season brings you warm thoughts and experiences, and I look forward to bringing you exciting new adventures of Kyle and the B&B boys in 2009!


Jamous said...

Yes It does the holiday can bring good and bad emotions. Good here! thanks so much for drawing the Kyle B&B its really great to see gay comics in the real.
Your fan Jamous from Portland Maine

Friend of the B&B said...

I happened to run across this movie title and summary for "Orlando's Bed and Breakfast". Sure sounds similar to Kyle's. Art imitating Art?

ajr111 said...

Thanks for your strip. Really like it. Hope you have a Great Gay New Year !! John & Mike

Frater Gymnos said...

cute picture!
hope you're doing well.

wolf shirt said...

Cute picture - your right there. I like the feeling of holidays.