Friday, March 16, 2012

So, you want to pose for me?

"Can I pose for you sometime"?

I get this question periodically...usually from very kind people
who are fans of my artwork, and who would really like to have
me draw them. And believe me, I'm flattered to be asked.

However, before I draw anyone, I need to establish a few things.
Things that the person offering to pose may not have considered.
And things that are really important to establish before any drawing
session happens. Because it can lead to problematic situations
in the aftermath, and neither of us want that.

Because I am asked to draw people pretty regularly, I thought I'd
put this all down in one place I can direct them to. Please, please
read through all of this carefully. And if, after reading through this,
 you still want to pose, then let's set something up.

OK, first of all... if you're offering to pose for me... what does
than mean? You're offering to pose for free? Or do you wish to get paid 

Secondly, what do you expect to happen with the drawings I draw of
you? Are you expecting to keep all, or some, of them? Or are you
just looking to get experience posing, and I can keep the drawings?

Thirdly, where are you expecting this drawing session to take place?
Your place? My place? Some other place?

Fourthly, are you expecting this to be some kind of combination
drawing session/sex-hook-up?

OK, now that I've asked all the questions, let me tell you the answers
that work for me:

1. At the present time, I do not hire models. It's not in my budget,
and between drawing groups and people offering to pose for me for
free, I have more than enough opportunities to draw people that I
do not need to pay for people to pose for me. (If you're interested in
posing for money, I can direct you to schools that hire life-drawing

2. Unless you are actually hiring ME to draw you, then I keep the
drawings. It's that simple. I would be glad to make photos and e-mail
you copies of any drawings from the session that you really like, but
please don't expect that I'm going to "throw you a free original
drawing" just because you ask me really nicely. It's really crucial
that you understand this before we set up any kind of drawing
session. If there's a drawing I do of you that you absolutely MUST
own the original of, then I will consider selling it to you, (offering
you a fair price, considering you were kind enough to pose for it.
But sometimes there are drawings that I do not wish to sell, so
please don't count on this).

3. Currently, I'm not doing drawing sessions with live models at my
own place. It's too small to allow for comfortable drawing sessions.
That means I either need to come to your place, or we meet at a  third
location. If I'm coming to your place, I do ask that it be a quiet,
safe, clean environment. And if you own any dogs.... as much as I
love 'em, please... I don't want to have to deal with them at a drawing
session. This was a dealbreaker for me with a guy who could NOT keep
his big, slobbering dog out of the room during a session, and could
not, apparently, control his own dog from repeatedly jumping on me
and my drawing pad. That was enough for me.... from now on, I don't
care if they're big, tiny, cute, whatever... if you own a canine, it needs
to be completely restricted from any access to me before and during
the drawing session. No exceptions!

4. About sex-hook ups? No, that's not going to happen.  I do take the
drawing very seriously, so I ask that we stick to just drawing, please.

OK, so that kind of covers it all. Sorry if it makes me sound difficult.
The fact is, I'm putting this all out there in advance so as to AVOID
difficulties. I do appreciate you offering to pose, but what I have
found over the years is that often, people don't consider all of these
factors when they make that offer. So, again... I put this out there
to save us both some problems. Thank you!

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