Friday, November 30, 2012

Come & Meet Me at BENT-CON in Los Angeles!

For anyone in the Los Angeles area, I'm going to be at BENT-CON in Burbank this weekend!
It's sort of an LGBT Comic Con, (more details at their website:
I'm going to be there all three days....Friday, Nov. 30th, Saturday, Dec. 1st, and Sunday,
Dec. 2nd. I'll be signing copies of the Kyle's B&B books, and also have some artwork
to show, (and sell, if you're interested). But really.... I'd just love to meet you in
person, so come on down!  (Also, I'll be sharing a booth with Jeff Krell, artist/writer
of the ground-breaking gay comic strip "Jayson"!)


dawsonsf said...

What a great event! A pleasure to see you again, Greg. Thanks for taking time out to interview with us and share your story. It was wonderful to talk with you. And thanks for signing my copy of KBB #2! All my best, Dawson

Greg Fox said...

Dawson, it was so great to see you again! Wish we'd had more time to hang out & chat. What a whirlwind of craziness and fun this whole event was... I feel so incredibly grateful to have been there. And thank YOU for including me in the upcoming film, and of course for your magnificent support of my work all this time. I hope to see you again real soon!