Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Episode # 348 - December 11th, 2012

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Peter said...

Why does Lance think he's better than anyone else?

Maybe Connor "tinkered" with his BMW just to get that dinner date out of him!

Anonymous said...

I kind of really like Connor, Greg, says the rodeo cowboy. ; ) May be just who Lance needs. 'Tip of the Stetson to ya', bud! BTW, I hope Steve will make his annual visit down - right on Christmas Day this year! Rob in Toronto

Michelle said...

I think it's an act, to hide his insecurities. Maybe Lance grew up poor having to share a bedroom with 3 brothers & sisters.

Sami said...

I'm enjoying this storyline, too, and I don't mean to criticize the other commenters, but the cowboy's name is Drew, not Connor!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOH, Is this DREW SEX-AY! I really don't know WHY Lance is fighting this....and by the by, we've seen Drew in Undies, Tight Sports shorts, AND Tight Jeans now, but NOTHING from Lance but Business Shirts & Slacks?! c'mon Greg, have him go Jogging or showering, or sumpthin'! ;)

Anonymous said...

Convenient. I think Drew is a plant from Price who sabotaged Lance's car.

Anonymous said...

Michelle- I'm under the impression that Lance had a very middle/upper class background; maybe even in Chicago's affluent 'burbs.

I don't know-- Greg, could you clarify Lance's soicioeconomic background?


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