Monday, January 07, 2013

The Readers Have Spoken !!! The Kyle's B&B Man of the Year is....

Drew takes it by a landslide! Looks like the Alabama hunk has really struck a chord with Kyle's B&B readers; his first appearance in the strip wasn't until October 2nd of this past year, yet he's walked away with the title! Honorable mention goes to Brad for second place, (he was actually comfortably  in the lead for the first few days of voting, until Drew suddenly surged ahead to the front in the final few days), and Richard for third place, (way to go, Rich!). Below are the final totals; the poll is still technically taking votes at Facebook, but those votes won't count anymore. The contest is over! (And to everyone who complained that you had to be a Facebook member to participate in the election, well... I apologize for that. I didn't realize the polling page would not allow non-Facebook members to vote. Next year, I will try to have a more inclusive voting situation!)/

Drew - 83
Brad - 49
Richard - 32
Kyle - 26
Eduardo - 14
Kristian - 10
Lance - 9
Dave - 8
Rudy - 6
Price - 4

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