Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Episode # 351 - January 22nd, 2013

BIG NEWS!!! The first book collection of Kyle's B&B, Kyle's Bed & Breakfast is officially back in print, along with the second volume, Kyle's Bed & Breakfast: A Second Bowl of Serial, which was published earlier in 2012. They're BOTH  available right now at Amazon! After you read the new episode, just click on this text link to order: Kyle's Bed & Breakfast or, for Book 2: Kyle's Bed & Breakfast: A Second Bowl of Serial .Also, if you'd like an AUTOGRAPHED copy, Book Revue bookstore here on Long Island has some, and can send them anywhere in the world! Just telephone 'em at 631-271-1442 (But first, read the new episode!!!!)

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Michelle said...

Wonder why Price sticks around if he feels like he's such a victim? Not that I don't enjoy seeing Lance rough him up a little.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, don't you think Price needs a man in his life? Maybe that might soften him up?

Lance doesn't normally get serious, right? Do you think this is serious with Drew? Was it two dates, then sex?

Doesn't anyone wait until they are in a committed relationship before having sex at Kyle's Bed and Breakfast? That anger panel. Look at their faces. Especially look at Price in that frame and the next one. Good job. Those close up shots are 99.9%, well you know.

Mark said...

Assault seems out of character for Lance. I get that it's supposed to be indicative of his strong feelings for Drew, but I don't really buy his getting violent over a nasty remark. In any case, I'll take your side, Price. You may be an asshole, but what Lance did was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Sure we can all get on lances case since he can be an ass but you know , i dont blame him for choking Price, i mean why is this guy not sitting in a jail cell someplace ,kyle let him off too easy and he seems to be scheming constantly. a good foil for richard but slime nonetheless

ShaunNJ said...

I think Price and Richard might have feelings for each other. They tease and taunt, but there could be some affection there. I don't think it's so odd that two men have sex after a couple of dates. Lots of adults, straight and gay still have random or casual sex with strangers. Check out the colleges and bathhouses for plenty of examples.

Anonymous said...

And that what Price gets for messing with a brotha from Chicago. Personally, the dude has had it coming for a long time. That's all I'm saying

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