Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Episode # 353 - February 19th, 2013

BIG NEWS!!! The first book collection of Kyle's B&B, Kyle's Bed & Breakfast is officially back in print, along with the second volume, Kyle's Bed & Breakfast: A Second Bowl of Serial, which was published earlier in 2012. They're BOTH  available right now at Amazon! After you read the new episode, just click on this text link to order: Kyle's Bed & Breakfast or, for Book 2: Kyle's Bed & Breakfast: A Second Bowl of Serial .Also, if you'd like an AUTOGRAPHED copy, Book Revue bookstore here on Long Island has some, and can send them anywhere in the world! Just telephone 'em at 631-271-1442 (But first, read the new episode!!!!)

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Tamayn Irraniah said...

Drew is too smooth. I wonder how he's going to develop. He seems like a nice enough guy, but no one comes to the BnB without something in their past.

Chris L said...

I'm wondering if handsome elderly gent, Rudy is gonna find a connection with someone. He seems a sweet guy, and I think the whole of the B&B has grown on him.

Michelle said...

I had a feeling Drew was a great guy, this proves it.

Douglas Knapp said...

Again...why doesn't Rudy move into the B&B? The old guy is still mobile and independent!!!